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SysTools SharePoint Migrator


 Make SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration job facile with the Migration tool. It simplifies SharePoint Documents Library, List & Permissions migration to another SharePoint site with none fail and provides incredible experience with tremendous full control over the task. 


Best Support:-  

  • Effortless SharePoint to SharePoint Site migration online alongside metadata
  • Supports to migrate contents of SharePoint Team Site with no failure
  • Move Document Library from one SharePoint site to a different SharePoint with version history
  • Successfully migrate Document Sets and Documents Folder with ease
  • Save Site URL & Login details to reuse later while performing same site migration
  • View Site data information like Size with Modified date on the panel before the process
  • The choice to limit SharePoint site contents migration with flexible Date-Based Filter
  • Feature to Map Permission Settings of Source Users with Destination Users Provides a choice to Export only desired or specific files from SharePoint site to a different
  • Incremental Contents Migration feature to maneuver only new data from Team site
  • Shows complete report of SharePoint to SharePoint migration
  • Save Activity Log Report in CSV on the system as a record of the migration job


SysTools SharePoint Migration Tool


You Can Migrate of these SharePoint Data It is an impeccable migrator whose goal is to import all the important data items from one SharePoint online to another SharePoint site. Use this SharePoint to SharePoint Online migration software and transfer all the subsequent sorts of data to the new SharePoint site, site collection.

Document Set: it’s a folder that exclusively comprises data of an equivalent kind.

Document Folder: Use to manage files and group them under the document library. it’s very helpful to arrange the knowledge.

Document Library: SharePoint document library comprises all the location folders which will be easily accessed by team members.

SharePoint List: List is analogous sort of a database or spreadsheet that adds data in Row & Column 


SharePoint Permission Level Migration


 On top of our advanced features, the web SharePoint to SharePoint migration tool offers an essential SharePoint Permission migration option, you never even skills swiftly it migrates the permissions. you simply got to create a CSV file that comprises details of Source User ID and Destination User ID and upload in software under the Permission Option. It can import two sorts of Permissions:

User Level Permission: it’s wont to assign permission via. user’s email address to read & write List and Document. Group Level Permission: it’s a group of permission that applies to a gaggle. So, the Group members can get access to look at, edit, and read. 


Migrate Version of SharePoint Data


 Along with permission migration, the tool has an integrated feature to import Version numbers. Versioning in SharePoint is employed to see when a knowledge item or file was modified/changed. To migrate data with version, one can get to do is to input a version number like 1.0 or other. consistent with that SharePoint site contents will import into desired other SharePoint Site.


Robust SharePoint Data Migration Feature


 Packed with advanced features, the SharePoint list migration tool offers different site migration modes to arrange the document at the destination in an efficacious manner.

  • Create New: this feature helps you to make new items at desired destination SharePoint site.
  • Overwrite: This feature enables you to overwrite the prevailing items with the imported data at a targeted location. Choose the migration option as per the need and organize the location contents at the new location.


Features of SysTools SharePoint Migration Tool


SharePoint to SharePoint Migration


Online SharePoint migration tool has the power to transfer & import List, Document Library, Document Sets, Documents Folder from one SharePoint Team Site to a different SharePoint site, Office 365 SharePoint. Adding thereto, the software is devised to import the location contents into other SharePoint sites, including Site Collection too during a matter of minutes.


Use Advanced Date Filter


 Date Filter integrated with the software allows you to export data from SharePoint Online to SharePoint online which you would like. Moreover, two sorts of filters are often applied to SharePoint site migration. Created Date: Use to import site contents (Documents, List, Library) on the idea of its creation date. Modified Date: Use to maneuver site contents (Documents, List, Library) on the idea of the modification date. 


Save Migrated Site URL History


 Once you’ve got added the URL of the site and accounts login detail, the SharePoint to SharePoint migration tool automatically saved it in the database. So, whenever an admin tries to migrate an equivalent site data again, the tool auto-suggest all the location URL that was entered before. Once you decide on it, the account login details are also filled in automatically. With this feature, the user will save and energy too. 


Migrate Permissions & Versions


 The SharePoint online contents migration software allows the user to take care of source file permission on destination location also. For this, just create a CSV file containing Source also as Destination User’s address and upload it to the tool. additionally, the tool completely migrates metadata, version history from SharePoint to a different SharePoint site. 


Transfer Data As Per Your Term


 Another remarkable feature offered by SharePoint online to SharePoint online migration tool is “Include File sorts of Migration”. With this functionality, one can easily copy the specified file format from Documents into a designated location. to try to do this, you would like to only input the file formats (like txt, pdf, Docx, xlxs, etc) that are separated by commas under this feature. 

Incremental SharePoint Contents Migration Functionality

The SharePoint migrator Tool offers a feature named “Skip Previously Migrated Items”. during a situation, when the user must transfer data from the same SharePoint site to a new Site again, then this feature allows you to import only new site content to desired Set Collection or another site rather than all. So, it prevents duplicate data entries. 

Manage Content With Two Migration Options

 By using SharePoint online site migration utility, the user has two options to maneuver Document Library, List, and other items to the different SharePoint sites. Create New: ready to generate new items at the targeted place. Overwrite: Use to exchange the prevailing item with imported data (overwrite same content). 


Understandable interface (GUI)


 The interface of the software is simple and self-guided that gives a frictionless platform to the user for SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration. Adding thereto, all the steps are well-maintained at the left side navigation bar where initially user get a Migration button. Click on Migration to expand it and every one of the choices like Source, Filters, Destination, Progress, Report get appear. 


Activity Status of SharePoint Migration


 The migration Progress window makes it easy to trace the progress of the export process. After reviewing it, the user can analyze what proportion of site content gets imported and the way much is left with the assistance of a graphical representation of the SharePoint to SharePoint migration tool. Adding thereto, the user has information about Source Path, Total Count, Success Count, and Job Status. 


Migrate SharePoint Site to SharePoint Tenant (Office 365)


 This Office 365 SharePoint to SharePoint migration software allows you to transfer SharePoint site content to different Office 365 subscription plans. With this tool, you’ll easily migrate Office 365 SharePoint site content to a different SharePoint site collection or site. 


Resume & Stop Functionality


 The Resume / Stop feature in SharePoint online data migration tool helps you in catastrophic emergency cases where there’s a requirement to use hold on to the continued task. It acts as an in-built crisis option, it puts a hold on all migrated data with one single click until the user uses the Resume button. Moreover, the user can continue the method from an equivalent point where it had been paused with the Resume option. 


Activity Log Report That Matters


 After the successful completion of SharePoint documents, lists, folders, permissions to SharePoint migration, the user can save the summary report in CSV format on the local machine. This file is extremely important for gathering details about the SharePoint site content migration job. All the required information like; Source & Destination URL, Migrated Count, Failed Count, Total Count included within the report.


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