5 Best WordPress Plugins for Image Compressor, YouTube Feeds, SEO 2024

5 Essential Free WP Plugin To Earning Money

So you just created a new blog and wondering what are the best WordPress plugins you should install to earn money? If your answer is yes, then you are here on Bynext.com .


5 Essential Free WP Plugin To Earning Money


When you run a blog, you’ve got tons of the way to make money like affiliate marketing, SEO friendly website, YouTube Campaign, Image Compressor, and far more.
In this post, I will share the five best free WordPress plugins to assist you to get more control over adding content and also improve the performance of your website.



1. Image Compressor


ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Those who have a little or medium-sized WordPress blog can use multiple WordPress plugins to optimize all of their existing/future uploads for free of charge.

You can increase your website’s SEO ranking, several tourists, and ultimately your sales by optimizing any image or PDF document on your website.

ShortPixel is a picture optimizer plugin for WordPress that automatically compress, resize, and crop images to form your website faster.

If you host many images on your site, then using Short Pixel may be a good choice for you. Compared to other image compressing plugins for WordPress, Short Pixel contains more features to assist you to decrease the file size of your images and increase your site’s loading speed.

It took a second to sign-up on behalf of me to urge a ShortPixel account and obtain the API key from shortpixel.com. The free monthly account includes 100 image optimization credits.



2. YouTube Feeds Plugin


WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte plugin may be a good selection for sites with tons of video content. It allows your videos to load only a user clicks on them.

This is accomplished by inserting Lite YouTube Embeds. These embedded videos appear as if regular YouTube videos but you won’t get a preview image of what is going to play until you click. Since the videos don’t “preload” before a visitor wants to observe them, you save server bandwidth and reduce page load time by plenty. this is often especially applicable to sites that have tons of videos embedded on each page, not just site-wide.

WP YouTube Lyte has been written with optimal performance as a primary goal but has been tested for max browser compatibility (iPad included) while keeping an eye fixed on accessibility. Starting with version 1.2.0 lyte embeds are fully responsive and may automatically embed video object microdata also.

The plugin is fully multi-language, with support for Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Romanian, Spanish, and Slovene.


3. Blog & Business Plugin


Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

There are many great ways to form some extra cash by being an affiliate marketer. For starters, using the proper promotional techniques and tools can assist you to achieve success . the great news is that WordPress makes it easy to implement your strategies using affiliate marketing plugins.

Affiliation is big as a traffic and lead generation strategy. Affiliates are right for several different types of companies, like e-commerce shops and monetized blogs. This is a powerful plugin comprised of several tools, several of which may benefit your affiliate marketing efforts.

Easy Affiliate Links may be a WordPress plugin that permits you to manage all of your affiliate links in one place. The plugin is extremely user-friendly and it’s saving you tons of your time by letting you quickly add or update links as required.


How To Use Easy Affiliate Links? (Features)


Manage Page – it’s a replacement manage page that permits you to edit, search and filter the page.
Compatibility – it’s compatible with the new Gutenberg editor and classic editor.
Short URLs – you’ll create short URLs to cloak your affiliate links.
Amazon Compatibility – it’s compatible with Amazon.
Visual and HTML editor – Your links are easily accessed on visual and HTML editor to make sure a far better experience.
Categories – With the assistance of this WordPress plugin, you’ll categories each link under its specific category, for instance , software links will come under the software category, etc.
Tracking – You get access to monthly or lifetime tracking on your clicks. this is often to make sure that your links are shielded from malware issues and your site runs smoothly.
Import – This plugin enables you to import affiliate URLs from CSV and XML.
Export – you’re also ready to export your affiliate links to XML.
Links Checker – to make sure that your business runs efficiently, this tool provides you access to a broken link checker.

4. SEO Plugin


WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

Caching Plugin helps to load websites faster. It stores webpage in reserve location so users request doesn’t attend the servers instead it directly processes from the caching and helps to load websites faster. It creates a static version of your content, removing many of the steps that happen when a page is generated dynamically which helps to load your website much faster.

  • Benefits of using Cache Plugin for WordPress website
  • Speed up your website
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce strain on the server
  • Improve program Ranking

WP Super Cache has quite two million active installations. I’m not saying you ought to always follow what people do, but numbers this high are usually a reasonably good indication of quality.
This plugin is free also. So it’s an excellent option if you’re hesitant about pocket money on a WordPress plugin.
WP Super Cache creates static HTML files and displays them rather than heavier PHP scripts. The plugin offers three different modes of caching:

  • Simple
  • Expert
  • WP-cache caching


5. Internal linking plugin


Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer

An internal link may be a link from one page to a different page on an equivalent domain. They simply text hyperlinks from one page to a different page on your website. Of course, your website navigation is an example of internal linking, but here we’re talking about links on the page, within the content.

Internal linking is important to any website because it helps establish site architecture and spread the link juice. Simply speaking, internal linking refers to any links from one page of a website, which is linked to a different page within an equivalent domain.

Internal Link Juicer is an indoor linking plugin that automatically builds internal links once you configure keywords.
With this plugin, you’ve got full control over how your internal links are made. you’ll whitelist certain posts, diversify your anchor text, customize your link output, and more.

Internal Link Juicer gives you full control over posts that will be considered for interlinking. The post that you simply don’t want to link are often blacklisted and therefore the post types that you want to link are often whitelisted. This plugin comes with options that permit you to select link counts per page, also as links per target URL and linking behavior for targeted keywords


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