Meta Force Next Revolution? I Earn $3,000 of Passive Income

Meta Force is a global Cryptocurrency Eco-system whose members help each other to achieve financial well being using our tools and algorithm of instant profit distribution on smart contracts.

The META FORCE system belongs to Community and is fully decentralized , which means it is transparent, secure and resistant to external influences.

The platform Force is open and available to all members . The process of entering the community and starting to make a profit is so simple that you only need a laptop or a smartphone with an Internet connection. Develop matrix platforms and invite partners to the structure, for which you get remuneration in POLYGON cryptocurrencies.

What is Meta Force?

Meta Force is a new type of decentralized eco system  that can be used to power up your abilities. It’s basically like super strength, but with more range and versatility. Getting meta force royalty will give you access to this powerful energy, and it’s definitely worth it!

There are a few ways to get meta force royalty. The first way is to get minimum 3500 SFC coin . The second way is by to collect nft as amount of 3500 coin .

How does Meta Force work?

Now that you have decided to join our Fully decentralized Community and Global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, you need to take a moment to review our marketing presentation and other program documents to learn more about this revolutionary project.

Then select a good and supportive upline-partner who can guide, train and support you in the business.

Your upline should be a person with whom you will collaborate throughout the whole Meta-Force journey, not just in the beginning. By registering with his or her referral link, you will be connected forever.

Meta Force is made up of several interconnected smart contracts programs.

The first program released is Classic which is basically a referral program, essential to grow our community.


  • To begin, install a Trust Wallet . 
  • Fund it with Pos DAI Stablecoin for the number of slots (Start with 315 dai for nft ) you would like to start with, and leave a small amount of Polygon Matic (1 matic ) for network fees.
  • Visit on Browser and select polygon network instead of eth.
  • paste link –
  • and start with 5 dai – and so on (Minimum invest 315 dai)
  • You will get 315 SFC
  • Add active member earn huge income and increase your sfc . If you will reach 3500 SFC coin then eligbile for lifetime royalty program .
  • This is discount slot.

✅Finally, always remember that the security of your funds and wallet is your personal and foremost responsibility.
✅Never ever reveal your private key or recovery phrase to anyone no matter who is involved. Be scam alert.


My earning Proofs :-

I have 6 account and get 500 dai from each account and get 3500 sfc coin worth of 5400 $ .


What is SFC , SFCR , SFC 2  and SFCR 2 ?


The earliest participants receive an SFC for activating slot levels. Royalty NFT Launch Is coming, and now you can implement their utility.

SFC can be used as Energy token, with a maximum coefficient of 1 to 1.

The moment Royalty NFT launches, SFC emission stops, and participants will receive SFC2 for slots activating, and SFCR2 tokens for reactivation. The SFC2 to energy ratio is 2 to 1, which is two times lower than the SFC, although still a high coefficient.

Keep in mind that SFC & SFC2 is a temporary bonus at the start-up stage.

You can use them only on condition to the corresponding product turnover, which will be possible to realise after product launch. Under this condition SFCR and SFCR2 can have the same value properties as SFC and SFC2.

When first product will launch, SFC2 (&SFCR2) emissions will end (as well as SFC&SFCR). After that there will be no “SFC3” and so on.There will be other ways to get Energy for the Royalty NFT program – related to volume-generating activities in Meta Force. NFT charging is easier in the early stages, but gradually it will become more complicated in the future. This opportunity to acquire SFC and SFC2 (including SFCR and SFCR2) is temporary.


How to get meta force royalty nft ?

To obtain royalty payments from Meta Force, you must first create an account and then get minimum 3500 coin oe 3500 enery token form of NFT . Once it has been approved, you will be paid based on the royalties assigned to your work.

Most Frequently Question Asked :-

1. The minimum requirement to participate in Royalty NFT is by having 5 levels in classic program.
Is it the same now also?

– Yes, If you reactivate level 5 or higher, the system will give you the NFT

2. Along with 5 levels – reactivated in classic, we need 3500 SFC to start level 1 in NFT.
Is this also the same to be followed now?

– Yes, to reach the 1st status, Activator, you need 3500 Energy. SFC tokens can be used as Energy.

3. If these are the cases, then when a person buys 5 levels in classic, he gets 155 SFC
So how can he get the remaining SFC to participate in NFT?

– To upgrade NFT, you can use different types of activity like, you can work with the matrix program to get more SFC. You can buy NFT from other members to upgrade your NFT. Or, conversely, sell yours.

4. When a person has both SFC and SFCR, can he use both the tokens to activate  level 1 in NFT?

– SFC-R – provided that each SFC-R token is backed by the volume of the product (details coming soon).

5. Can a person buy SFC from the smart contract?

– No, SFC can only be obtained by activating Matrix slot levels.

6. Can a person send SFC or SFCR from one wallet to another?

– No, these tokens cannot be transferred.

7. Can a person sell SFC or SFCR to another persons?

– No, SFC and SFC-R can only be obtained for activation and re-activation. Only for further exchange for a product or use as an Energy token.

8. Do we have any option of getting SFC tokens to pump our NFT for passive income apart from upgrading the classic program levels after the NFT program is launch?

– For this purpose, it is possible to obtain Energy tokens in various ways. It is also possible to buy and sell NFTs with Energy token content.

9. Does the system gives NFT when a person reactivates the level 5? Or if he is at any level more than level 6, system gives NFT?

– No, NFT on one account for reaching the level can be received only once. You will automatically receive all subsequent new NFT of this program upon reaching level 1 of the Activator status.

10. The NFT which the system gives is common? Even though he is at level 6 or 7 or 8?

– Yes. But the higher the achievement of levels, the more SFC you have for upgrading NFT.

11. What does pumping a NFT mean?

– Upgrading is accumulation of energy to achieve levels of NFT statuses, which give a percentage of Royalty bonuses from the global turnover of the product.

12. Is it zero level NFT a person receives when he is at level 6 or more?

– For levels 5 – reactivated and above – only one NFT per account. Then, new NFTs are given upon reaching previous NFT status level 1 (Activator).

13. It is not clear what the NFT will be, what type of file, nor if it will be possible to sell it in other NFT markets, for example opensea?

– Status NFTs that give Royalty bonuses are associated with the Royalty NFT program. They can be freely bought and sold. For the start, the Opensea platform is planned, later there will be its own resource.

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