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Top 10 Monitorbacklinks Alternative High PR Backlinks service 2018

If you have lots of time, you can ownself do it. Otherwise, you can hand over this responsibility to others who have lots of experience in building quality backlinks. For this reason, here I found out 10 best companies who provide reliable, natural and high quality backlinks service. If you want, you can take service.

Here top premium backlink generator alternative of Monitorbacklinks


Monitorbacklinks alternative         PRICE                                 URL       

Monitorbacklinks                                                              49 $                                                 Visit Today

1.THE HOTH                                                                        60 $                                                  Visit Today

 2.Links Management                                                        31 $                                                  Visit Today                                                   59 $                                                   Visit Today 

4. Postlinks                                                                          49 $                                                    Visit Today

5. Instant link indexer                                                   13.77 $                                                Visit Today

6.  One hour indexing                                                      17 $                                                    Visit Today

7.  link centaur                                                                    16 $                                                   Visit Today

8. Wbacklink                                                                        78 $                                                  Visit Today

9. link processor                                                                 9.95 $                                               Visit Today

10.Moneyrobot                                                                    67 $                                                   Visit Today


Here Find Top 10 Entry




The HOTH is an acronym for Hittem Over The Head, in other words, to bludgeon with awesomeness. It can be used as a noun (as in our product, or our brand) or as a verb (i.e. To HOTH someone, to HOTH something). it put our names and faces on The HOTH, made support a PRIORITY and gave out guarantees.


Positive side:

  • The Hoth is great in simplifying outsourcing off-page SEO and link building for small business.
  • The checkout was smooth and the interface is built very well.
  • Hoth is the best. Responsive, Creative and Customer Centric.
  • Custom order dashboard to track orders and download reports.
  • 100% whitelabeled SEO which means you can order for your clients and not need to worry about any kind of branding issues.


2.Links Management  


Links Management offers to get your page up on the top of Google. They provide you backlinks from PR1 to PR8 with a true backlink building. They mainly deal with one way link building strategy that ensures to rise up traffic from 10,000 to 30,000 per month.


Positive side:


  • The amazing thing about this is that it provides DA 40 to DA 100 backlinks in just $1 per link.
  • Links Management is a Backlinks marketplace which allows a webmaster to buy quality backlinks (High DA and Pa) in cheap rates.
  • It is fully a white hat technique and your blog won’t be at any risk, after buying links from LinksManagement.
  • LinksManagement offers contextual backlinks and you can easily find relevant links from their links’ directory and can add up to 500 characters relevant to your link to minimize the risk of getting spotted by Google.


3.Backlinks rocket


Backlinks Rocket offers you to take your site on the top of SERPs. They provide the backlink service, like edu, social media, high PageRank, homepage backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks and so on. They focus on creating the natural and penalty-free backlinks.


Positive side:


  • Backlinks rocket is a highly efficient viral feedback for any website.
  • Backlinks rocket generate EDU backlinks.
  • backlinksrocket Really even works for projects in other languages ​​in other countries .


4. Postlinks


One of the most basic tenets of Internet marketing and search engine optimization is that a dofollow link is valuable, particularly when the link comes with the right anchor text from a site with high PageRank. The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to get these valuable links at a reasonable price while both saving time and avoiding any kind of punishment from Google.


Positive side:

  • Article post links – A short article will be posted on your website with a link or more linking back to marketer’s website.
  • Comment links – A comment positioned on your site with a link back to marketer’s site.
  • Contextual links – A link will certainly be positioned on your existing post.


5. Instant link indexer


Linkbuilding tools to provide even easier way to get any links Indexed! its Link Indexing service is currently Integrated with the plenty Link Building programs , so that You only need to insert Your API key in the settings and the programs automatically send Your links to us all the time.


Positive side:


  • Your links get indexed in minutes, It really help you to get backlinks indexed fast.
  • A cool variety of Link Indexing Plans to suit different needs.
  • Popular Integrated Link building Software like GSA
  • Insert your API key in the settings and the program automatically send your links to them to be indexed.
  • Popular Integrated Link building Services like RankWyz.
  • Instant Account Activation after purchase.


6.  One hour indexing


Google is always looking at your backlink profile to see if it looks natural. And if you have too many low quality/spammy links, that looks fishy. As an SEO, you need to be smart and use whatever tools you can to improve your quality of backlinks. One Hour Indexing is a vital service that moves the quality measurements in your favor.


Positive side:


  • For just $17 a month you’re essentially multiplying your traffic, which pays of times and times again for you, and for such job One Hour Indexing is the right tool.
  • Very helpful helpdesk system, very professional real reviews.
  • Powering up ranking and sales said to happen this way. Upgrading an account may also be asked for. The services are useful. Starters are also catered.


7.  link centaur


Link Centaur is a Top Rated Backlink Indexing Service used by 1000’s of users and optimized on millions of Backlinks. With Link Centaur, you simply go about with link building as you normally would, and leave the rest of the grunt work.


Positive side:


  • Link Centaur provides one a convenient and easy link building. This service makes use of a powerful proprietary formula that makes search engine notice one’s website links.
  • The service is also easy to use and will not require you to have necessary knowledge about backlink indexing.
  • Best support team, terrific testimonials, website indexer might not be probably better.


8. Wbacklink


The wBaclink Beat will handle everything, from locating proxies, to fetching relevant keywords, harvesting relevant URL’s for your keywords, to posting your comments, checking your posted links and everything in between! You can be sitting on a beach while the wBaclink Beat builds your links, and promotes your website.


Positive side:


  • wBacklink is one of the best link building software that automates the process simply by creating accounts, verifying emails, and submitting contents to numerous websites like Web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites, article directories, wiki sites, document sharing sites, etc. in a very short span of time.
  • It’s easy to use interface, and 100% natural link building feature made it really an incredible tool.
  • wBacklink is for us the best SEO management and white hat link building software out there. However, it is a real hydra.

9. link processor


Link Processor to increase the power of their backlinks and Tyler is proud to stand behind a company that has generated great results for thousands of businesses.he power of SEO came from link building and indexing. Which is what led him to create Link Processor.


Positive side:


  • Backlink indexing is actually a form of an SEO or search engine optimization techniques. Basically, it aims to help a website ranked higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is necessary for many websites particularly those business pages and websites that offers services.
  • There are many backlinking indexing service that you can easily find online. Among them is the Link Processor. This service offers a 100% guaranteed link crawling service.
  • Link Processor provides backlinking crawling, indexing, and pushing. It helps website get noticed by search engines in their three circles of link processing.




Money Robot Submitter the link submission process will be the easiest task and completely automated, you will be able to build unlimited number of links and increase traffic to your websites which will lead to a higher number of customers and much more sales for you. With the best user interface ever, you just need to have simple software knowledge and you will easily be able to make your own SEO link building campaigns. Money Robot Submitter is the best SEO software you will ever own, and we can confidently say that there is no other software on the market that can compete with such intelligent and fully automatic features. The friendly user interface, smart tools and the simplicity of the tasks are making Money Robot Submitter the best tool on the market.


Positive side:


  • The software uses Internet explorer, Firefox or Chrome to simulate real human activity (users action on sites) and it can easily pass any robot detection mechanisms.
  • Money Robot Submitter software has built-in spinner/rewriter features, so you no longer have to be afraid of duplicate content penalties.
  • Easily manage and track all your live backlinks including your anchor texts and all other information related to your backlinks with the speed of up to 500 threads per second.
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