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If you are an online business owner, and you are getting serious about search engine marketing, then SEMrush is something you have heard about as a tool to help you. It is a powerful search engine marketing tool that helps you create an amazing content strategy and an advertising strategy that works. It gives you access to the information you need to create a concrete plan moving forward. I can’t even explain how powerful it is, because unless you try it for yourself, you can’t really feel the impact it’s going to have on your marketing.


What does SEMRush do?

SEMRush collects data of about 106 million keywords. Based on the popularity of the keywords, they might update it a few times a day. SEMRush provides the following data that you can use to trump your competition:

REMRush Menu1) Organic Research – number of keywords ranking in the top 20, the position changes and the competitors

2) Advertising Research – paid ads data that will be very useful if you want to spy on your competition

3) Product Listing Ads (PLA) Research – mainly for companies with their own products to 007 on the competition

4) Display Advertising – (still in beta stage) type of advertising your competition is doing

5) Backlinks – (new addition) information about the backlinks on a particular website

6) Keyword Research – shows the keyword data for organic and paid searches, exact match keywords, related keywords and etc. (the most useful section)

7) Tools

To demonstrate what SEMRush can do, I will be using the random keyword ‘dog training’ and the results for this review cum tutorial.

Organic Research

This section provides a lot of data on your competitors. It is a great way to know what your competitors are ranking for, their paid searches, backlinks, traffic based on the keywords in the top 20 and more.

SEMRush Organic 1

From the screenshot above, you can see that there are 35.2k keywords they are ranked for in the top 20 in Google US and that bring them a whopping 804K traffic per month.

SEMRush Organic 2

Scrolling down, we can see the entire list of keywords this site is ranking for and the positions they are ranking for. This is useful if you want to see what are some possible articles and keywords you can use for your site.

In addition, you will be able to see the following data on the same results screen:

  • Their main competitors (competition level, common keywords, search engine keywords, traffic, paid ads)
  • Paid ads
  • Backlinks
  • Top anchor text
  • Referring domains
  • Indexed pages
  • Position changes of keywords (new & lost)

Advertising Research

Since Cesar’s Way does not use paid ads, I have chosen one of its top competitors who does advertising for this section. Their competitor brings in 30.5k search traffic through 5.1k keywords they have bidded for. That traffic would cost them a whopping $11.8k!

SEMRush Ads 1

Let’s check out what they are bidding for.

It was pretty interesting to see the results because I’m really surprised at the ads they are bidding for.

SEMRush Ads 2

The highest volume keywords are for pet names. It provides a good amount of traffic and I really would not know about it unless I checked out their paid ads.

Product Listing Ads (PLA) Research

I will not be covering much on PLA because it is not relevant to us who are not selling products. However, I’ll show you a quick screenshot of what you can see in this section.


From here, you can see that Apple does quite a bit of PLA. In fact, 29.4k keywords worth. So how do PLAs look like?


Have you seen the products listings shown at the right side? Yeah, those are PLAs and you dig into what your competitors are doing with them.


This is a relatively new addition to SEMRush. At the time of review, SEMRush is still collecting backlinks data and it won’t be totally accurate yet. I checked with the staff and she said that it will be much more accurate by the end of June.

SEMRush Backlinks 1

In this section, you will be able to see the information above and the referring domains by country. You can also click on the links and find out more about the domains who referred to them. It is great if you want to find an authority that links to similar sites to yours. If you are familiar with Backlinko (Brian Dean), this is an excellent strategy to find linkreators.

Keyword Research

Finally, keyword research. This is where you can dig up more about the keyword you are interested in.

SEMRush KW 1

In this section, you will be able to see quite a good amount of data about the keyword. I really like the phrase match keywords and related keywords for ideas.

SEMRush KW 2

In the same page, you will also see the top 20 Google results and the ad copies. All at a glance.

Simple Hot TIP: “I have nothing to write on anymore!” Solve your problem by writing an article using the related keywords.


In this section, there are a few pretty nifty tools that I find useful and they are:

Position Tracking

This is a pretty good tool for you to track your websites. You can create campaigns and load in the keywords you want to track. In this simple example, I have loaded in 20 keywords generated from SEMRush itself.

SEMRush Tracking 1

From this quick overview, you can see that 18 out of 20 keywords are ranked in the top 3 of Google US. Of course, when I click on Dog Training (campaign name), I can see the detailed results of the keywords compared to it’s competitors.

This is a great overview tool for you to know how your sites are doing at a glance.

Domain vs Domain

This is a great 007 where you can compare your site with up to 5 competitors. There are a few ways you can compare as shown in the drop down menu below.

SEMRush DvsD 1

You can list all the keywords, what is unique to the first domain, common keywords and unique keywords.

SEMRush DvsD 2

If you search by common keywords, you will be able to see the rank position of your site and your competitors. It is useful if you want to beat your competition in a certain keyword or monitor how your SEO optimisation is doing.

SEMRush Audit 2

If you have an SEO company that does audit checks for clients or provides similar services, you will love this! You can generate site audit reports with your logo on it.

So how do I use the data?

Well, there are many strategies out in the Internet for SEMRush. But a really simple 7-step strategy is:

  1. Research competitors in your niche
  2. Check out what they rank
  3. Check out the keyword difficulty tool to see if the keyword is easy or difficult to rank
  4. Write content for that keyword
  5. (optional) Start paid campaigns and 007 the ads that are tried and tested
  6. Track success of the articles (and ads)
  7. Rinse and repeat

The main 23 pros of the SEMrush are:

  1. Check out your competition to see what keywords they are ranking for
  2. Find out who your biggest competition is
  3. Find out the keywords you currently rank for
  4. Find out the backlinks for you and your competition
  5. Find your competitor’s ad strategies and budget
  6. See what pages you and your competition have indexed
  7. Do a backlinks comparison with up to four other domains
  8. Discover how you and your competition are doing with paid search
  9. Do a domain versus domain search to see how you are doing in the race for your keywords
  10. Get access to webinars that teach you use the tool and stay ahead of the competition
  11. Get insight into your competitor’s ad copies and keywords
  12. See top publishers and advertisers
  13. Create charts that compare domains with key visibility indicators
  14. Create separate projects for each of your sites
  15. Find related keywords easily for keywords that you want to rank for
  16. Export all reports that you create
  17. Brand reports with a logo and your personal information
  18. Find the difficulty for individual keywords that you are looking for and whether it will be worth your effort with traffic volume and trend for the keyword
  19. Search for keyword information in different countries or just stick with your country
  20. Get insight into video advertising, such as competitor’s strategies and how to make money with your videos
  21. This site is constantly being updated and worked on
  22. Speak directly to someone in the support team through phone or send a message
  23. Over 500,000 users as of this SEMrush review (proof of how valuable it is!)

The main 2 Cons of the SEMrush are:

Overall, the tool was great and there is not much to dislike. But 2 things I wish it did/did better:

1) The Backlinks tool does not provide very accurate information yet as it is relatively new and SEMRush is still collecting the backlinks data. However, by the end of June, it should be much more accurate according to the team.

2) It is not too good if your site is on IM scams or reviews. SEMRush does not provide very much updated data for those new products unless the IM product is an established one like Wealthy Affiliate, Empower Network and etc.


SEMrush Pricing

This tool is all you need for crushing the competition and becoming successful, so the prices are more than your average marketing tool. For free, you can try out the program. They do cut you off from free usage after a certain amount of time. I can’t remember how much you get for free, but I do know that you can test it out to see if you like it, and then if you do, you will have to upgrade.

All of the plans are monthly, and they all come with a seven-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase. After that, you will pay the monthly price until you cancel your subscription.

1. The Pro Plan

This plan is $69.95 per month, the cheapest of the plans. You can also pay $699.40 for an annual subscription, which saves you $140. In it, you get 10,000 results per report and 3,000 reports per day. You can create up to 5 projects and track up to 500 keywords and crawl 100,000 pages. This plan only includes 5 scheduled PDF reports.

2. The Guru Plan

At $149.95 per month, this plan is a big jump from the pro plan, but it does give you a lot more, including 30,000 results per report and 5,000 reports per day. You can also work on 50 projects instead of just 5, and you can track 1,500 keywords and crawl 300,000 pages. You can also pay $1499.40 for an annual plan and save $300.

3. The Business Plan

This plan is $549.94 per month. You can also pay $5499.40 for an annual plan and save $1100. In it you get benefits, such as unlimited projects, 50,000 report results, 10,000 reports in a day, 6,000 keywords that are tracked, 1.2 million pages crawled, the ability to schedule 50 reports, branded PDF reports, multi-user management, and more.

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