How to Hide Last Seen On Whatsapp- Next Generation


Here we will discuss about How to Hide Last Seen in Whatsap.

Whatsapp one of most downloaded app in the World . I am sure if you have smart phone then you also use Whatsapp for either Messaging Purpose or Business Purpose. One survey tells that more then 1 billion Whatsapp messages are sent daily.

I guess i do not need to speak about its popularity as its Trending World Wide  these days because Facebook the purchased it for $19 Billion yes $19 Billion with the Capital ‘ B ‘ you heard it right.



So, What is Whatsapp Basically ?


Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications. Whatsapp offers voice messages, text messages, multimedia messages, and group discussions.

Most people are connected with Whatsapp. Approximately 450 million people used Whatsapp. Whatsapp offers a very nice feature of Last Seen. It let the other user know what your last seen when you had lastly opened your Whatsapp.

No dought it’s the best and very good feature but nowadays it becomes trouble for some Whatsapp users.

like when somebody messaged you on WhatsApp and you opened your WhatsApp it on the spot update your last seen and let that particular user know that just before you opened your WhatsApp and you didn’t him/her and you know in case of [ HER ] if you didn’t reply them on the spot they get angry 😉 So, those Frustrated users were Wishing to have to HIDE YOUR LAST SEEN OPTION IN.



WHATSAPP and guess what Whatsapp recently updated and added 2 new features


Hide Last Seen in Whatsap

Profile Photo Seen


How it Works ?


This app will disconnect the Internet connection when you open servers can’t update the last seen when you open the message.

Now When you close WhatsApp the internet connection is active and will send the messages without updating the last seen status.


 How to Download New Version of Whatsapp?


Whatsapp was already offering the Last Seen hide feature to Ipad and iPhone users. but Recently Whatsapp expanded its features for Android devices. Now it is available for android OS also. However, right now it is not available on the Google Play store. You have to download it from Whatsapp’s official website.


How to Hide Last Seen Option on iPhone?


On iPhone hiding last seen is pretty easy than on Android. The latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone has the “Last Seen Timestamp” option. This will help you to hide the last seen status on WhatsApp. To activate it just go Settings >> Advanced >> Last Seen Timestamp and now make it Off.


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