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One of the most important things for any online entrepreneur is to have a great website that looks good, works well, and drives conversions. That’s where Thrive Themes comes in – they offer top-notch themes that will help you achieve all three of those things. Read our full review of Thrive Themes to find out more!

What are Thrive Themes?


Thrive Themes is a WordPress theme company that creates amazing, high-quality themes for WordPress. They’ve been around since 2010 and have built an impressive following of happy users. Their themes are used by bloggers, eCommerce sites, and more.

In this blog section, we’re going to take a look at the Thrive Themes themes that are designed specifically for people who sell stuff online. We’ll go over the features of each theme and give you our verdict on whether it’s worth buying or not.

The first theme we’re looking at is called “Thrive Shop”. It’s designed to create a professional eCommerce website. It has all the features you need to get started, including: custom menus, custom posts and pages, custom widgets, multilingual support, drag and drop shopping cart creation, and more.

We think that this theme is great for anyone who wants to start selling online. It has everything you need to get started and it looks really professional. If you want to buy it, we think that it’s worth the money – it costs $69 per month (or $999 per year).

9 Key Features and Benefits of Thrives Themes


  1. Thrive Themes explain the 10 key features and benefits of their premium WordPress themes:Built for Speed – automatic compression and a stress on lean, lightweight code
  2. Smart Conversion Elements – add targeted Focus Areas that show the offers most relevant to your visitors, and built-in opt-in feature
  3. Designed for User Engagement and Readability – careful choice of fonts and colours and smart, conversion-focused elements like countdown timers and click-to-call phone numbers
  4. Easy Page Generator – easily create sales pages, opt-in pages, legal pages and more with just a couple of clicks
  5. Customizable – over 600 fonts, set custom colors for various page elements, choose between multiple header layouts and far more
  6. Landing Page Template – every Thrive Theme comes with a “Landing Page” template – a page that removes header navigation links, sidebars, footer widgets and anything that would distract a visitor
  7. Mobile Responsive – ensures your site will look great on any device and screen size
    Continuous Updates, Improvements and New Release
  8. Built-n Features – includes ultra-lean, speed optimized features that replace typical plugins like a social sharing feature, related posts feature, optimized image galleries, a font manager and more
  9. Support Training and Tutorials – access to knowledge domain , a good range of tutorials and video tutorials, training webinars and helpful support staff


What are the benefits?

Thrive Themes is an online theme store that specializes in creating sales-focused WordPress themes. They have a huge selection of themes, all of which are designed to help salespeople increase their website’s conversion rate and drive more leads through email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from using Thrive Themes:

-Themes that are designed to help salespeople increase their website’s conversion rate and drive more leads through email marketing campaigns
-A huge selection of themes that are designed to help salespeople achieve their goals
-The ability to customize each theme to fit your specific needs

What are the challenges?

When you sell things online, there are a few challenges you’ll face. Here are some of the top ones:

1. You have to be able to sell your products online.
2. You need to be able to market your products online.
3. You need to be able to ship your products online.
4. You need to be able to keep track of your inventory and sales trends.
5. You need to be able to customer service your customers if they have problems with their purchases.

If you can overcome these challenges, then selling online can be a very successful business for you!

Pros and Cons of Thrive Themes


-Very user friendly

-Lots of features and options

-Design is modern and sleek

-Pricing is reasonable for the features offered

– Support is top notch!


-No customizations allowed for color or layout

-Can be a bit overwhelming for first time users

-Can be difficult to find specific information on some of the features

What are the Different Types of Membership Plans?

Thrive Themes offers three membership plans: the Basic, Standard, and Creative. The Basic plan is free and includes a single blog post every week, while the Standard and Creative plans cost $29 per month and $59 per month, respectively. All three plans come with access to all of Thrive Themes’ features, including custom domains and unlimited blog posts.

The different membership plans offer different benefits. The Basic plan includes unlimited blog posts but only allows members to submit one article per week, while the Standard and Creative plans allow members to submit multiple articles per week. The Creative plan also allows members to create their own custom domains and add them to their website, while the Standard plan does not include this feature. Finally, the Creative plan costs more than the Standard and Basic plans but includes more benefits than the latter two.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Thrive Themes?


Thrive Themes is a premium WordPress theme that comes with a free trial. You can also buy the theme at a discount if you purchase it through The theme is available in three flavors: premium, business, and enterprise.

The premium version of Thrive Themes costs $39 per year, the business version costs $74 per year, and the enterprise version costs $249 per year. If you buy the theme through, then the price drops to $29 per year for the premium version, $59 per year for the business version, and $99 per year for the enterprise version.

If you want to use Thrive Themes on a blog or site that’s not hosted by, then you’ll need to purchase a license for each platform. The premium version of Thrive Themes licenses are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Business versions licenses are available on Windows and Mac platforms only. Enterprise versions licenses are available on Windows and Mac platforms only.

In addition to the premium, business, and enterprise versions of Thrive Themes, there are also two free versions of the theme: Thrive Lite and Th

How to Use Thrive Themes to Grow Your Business

Thrive Themes is an all-in-one WordPress theme platform that helps businesses of all sizes grow their online presence. With Thrive themes, you can create a professional and appealing website in minutes, without any coding knowledge. Plus, all of our themes are fully responsive so they look great on any device.

Here’s a list of the themes we have available:

1. Thrive Business: This theme is perfect for businesses that sell products online. It has a modern design with a focus on customer satisfaction. You can customize every aspect of the theme to make it look just the way you want it to.

2. Thrive Blog: This theme is perfect for bloggers who want to create a professional website. It has features like a custom blog header and background, built-in social media integration, and more.

3. Thrive eCommerce: This theme is perfect for businesses that sell products online. It has features like WooCommerce compatibility, full drag and drop layout customization, and more.

4. Thrive Portfolio: This theme is perfect for professionals who want to showcase their work online. It has features like portfolio pages, custom post types





Pressive is a business / corporate theme with a stylish and functional design. It strikes a nice balance between impressive design and focused content for a distinct character that still focuses on conversions. It would be ideal for a fully featured marketing website, a small business or company site, a collection of sales pages or just a conversion focused blog.




Performag may be a mobile responsive magazine WordPress theme with a clean and modern design. The homepage allows you to displays many articles in a beautiful layout that creates good use of featured images to capture people’s attention. The theme is streamlined for the business purpose of a magazine website.

Performag is made from the bottom up to extend ad revenue, increase social sharing and increase user engagement on your site. It features a built-in ad management and ad targeting system, infinite scrolling and related posts to stay readers engaged, light and dark styles plus unlimited colour schemes, set custom colors for various categories, and more.





Voice may be a blogging WordPress theme that emphasizes content and authors. The theme features a unique header-less design and a partially static sidebar, nice typography and wide content section.

The post author is prominently displayed next to the content making it ideal for private branding or multi-author blogs. Other key features include: multiple color styles and highlight color options, dynamic background images to reflect the featured image of the present post or page, sidebar options and every one the conversion focused features.



Squared may be a multi-purpose WordPress theme ideal for business, marketing, product showcase, sales pages, professional content marketing blogs or anything .

The theme features a bold, compulsive and modern flat design style. It comes with 6 general color styles and options to line your own custom color schemes, extensive range of short code elements and custom widgets, and everything you would like to make a shocking blog, build your list with targeted opt-in forms, create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, boost social sharing and followers and more.





Minus may be a flexible multipurpose WordPress theme that’s minimal in design but full of great features. Its ideal for any sort of project or purpose with a low-key design that has many white space and great typography to make sure you content is within the spotlight. you’ll easily switch between several color styles and there are custom color, background and image options available within the theme customizer.

You can also choose different colors for Focus Areas, widgets and short code elements. it’s detailed theme and post/page level options, lead generation features and more.




Ignition may be a mobile responsive multipurpose WordPress theme ideal for anyone who sells online. The theme would be ideal for business or company sites, sales pages, marketing websites for your products, membership and repair websites or anything .

It has a clean and professional design and a gorgeous , effective homepage layout which will be wont to drive sales or free trial signups. Other features include: a variety of page templates and shortcodes, fully functional blog section, custom widgets, compulsive “ribbon” you’ll display at the highest of posts or pages, to drive clicks towards the foremost important parts of your site, multiple color options and customizer options to line you own colors, and more.




Luxe may be a multipurpose blog theme that has an uncluttered and minimalist design to place your content within the absolute best light. it’s a minimal design style with subtle highlights and typography that has been optimized for readability and putting your content front and center.

The theme offers multiple color styles and every one the conversion-focused features like opt-in forms, landing pages, clear calls to action and more.


Focus Blog


Focus blog may be a simple, elegant and professional WordPress theme for people that want to make business sites or blogs with a robust conversion focus. you’ll use it to make a company website, a marketing site with landing pages and sales pages, a site for an area business and far more.

It comes with 5 vibrant color schemes, 100% mobile responsive design, automatic page generator, customizable header, visual theme customizer, extensive admin options and more.


Other Key Features in All Thrive Themes


  • Built for Speed – optimized code to keep it lean and light
  • Responsive Design – so your website will look great on any device & screen size
  • Search Engine Optimized – built following SEO best practices
  • Visual Theme Customizer – to easily set custom colors, custom fonts, custom backgrounds and more
  • Extensive Admin Options – detailed preferences for the style and behavior of your site
  • Customizable Header – choose from different header layouts and apply custom background colors, patterns or images to your site header
  • Mailing List – built-in functionality to display targeted opt-in forms on your site
  • Automatic Page Generator – allows you to create pre-built pages with a few clicks
  • Speed optimized related posts gallery
  • Built-in floating social buttons
  • Multi-column extended drop down menus
  • Click-to-call phone numbers
  • Font Manager – with 600+ fonts to choose from
  • Post format support
  • Shortcodes
  • Multiple color styles
  • More


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been tempted at some point to start selling stuff online. But have you ever stopped to think about what it would take to make this dream a reality? If not, read on for my in-depth review of Thrive Themes, one of the most popular and well-known WordPress themes designed specifically for sellers.

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