Top 10 afternic alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains

If you are into E-commerce or any online business then knowing afternic is a common ritual. If one to define afternic in the most common language, then it is essentially a commercial center for purchasing and selling domain. In this article, we will tell you the 10 Best Alternatives to afternic to Sell and Purchase Domain.

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Here top sell and Buy Premium Domains  alternative of Afternic   

Afternic    15% GO
Name Commission Visit 25% GO
Flippa      15% GO 15% GO
Sedo 15% GO 15% GO       10% GO   15% GO
Bido  10% GO
Namejet     15% GO 15% GO`



Here Find Top 10 Entry has evolved over the years as we have stayed ahead of developing services for domain investors. Today, we have expanded to include a Registrar, Marketplace, and Brokerage service built exclusively to meet domain investor’s needs

.Above’s platform is built to give power back to domain investors, ultimately allowing them to take their domain investing strategies to the next level.


2. Flippa


Top 10 flippa alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can discover new business opportunities. We are the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling online businesses.

Buyers love Flippa because there are more businesses for sale than anywhere else; 5,000 new businesses and domains are listed for sale on Flippa every single day



Top 10 SnapNames alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains in 2020

SnapNames is the web’s domain name marketplace of choice throughout the world. We bring businesses global access to already-registered domains with the convenience of online and mobile shopping. Together with our partners and technology, we offer a selection of over 30 million domain names annually at price points to meet any budget.




Top 10 Sedo alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains

Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace and domain parking provider based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Cologne, Germany.

Sedo stands for “Search Engine for Domain Offers” and our online platform currently provides not only a convenient searchable domain marketplace but also extensive services for domain buyers and sellers: from domain parking to value appraisals up to the brokerage and marketing of domains.




Domain registration is fast, simple, and affordable. Discount prices Your Business is your Domain.


  1. is a leading domain Appraisal, Brokerage, and Acquisition company that prides itself on putting our clients first. is here to help in any aspect of these processes and specialize in premium domains.




The Nidoma platform puts the needs of its users first, offering innovative solutions for domain registration and the domain aftermarket. Nidoma is a brand belonging to Namecase GmbH, a company founded in 2011, based in Bonn, Germany. In 2012, Namecase became a part of the Aruba group and opened a second office in Udine, Italy.


  1. Bido 


Bido feels strongly that by cultivating a “desire for knowledge”, by exchanging ideas, and fostering advanced analytical and questioning skills in our youth, future generations will be better educated and more tolerant. Bido believes that this will create a fundamental shift in our cultural and political paradigms, culminating in a healthier, more peaceful, and ultimately a more sustainable global society/community.


  1. Namejet 


Top 10 Namejet alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains

NameJet is the premier aftermarket domain name service with an exclusive inventory of some of the most desired expired domains. We use award-winning domain name aftermarket technology that allows domain professionals, businesses, and individuals to acquire domain names including those that just expired.

Uniregistry lets you buy, sell, and manage your domain names like never before. We make the whole experience effortless and delightful. We are an ICANN-accredited registrar, and pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and transparency.



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