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HideMyAss (HMA) looks like a perfect VPN service. But after we put it to the test, we found a few flaws, especially in terms of privacy. First of all, despite its no-logs policy, the corporate keeps records of your connection timestamps and HMA IP address.

And if you’re using the free web proxy, then the provider will collect your actual IP and therefore the encoded URLs of the websites you visit.

Furthermore, HideMyAss VPN cannot unblock the bulk of streaming platforms. and therefore the speed rates will cause you a touch of a drag on some servers, which could end in some buffering issues.

It’s not all bad, however. the corporate does have quite 290 server locations everywhere on the planet, the foremost extensive network we’ve ever tested. HMA even allows you to modify IP addresses and stay anonymous with IP Shuffle. And, of course, you’ll have the protection of the AES-256 encryption, which prevents third parties from monitoring your online activities.




  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Vast server network.
  • IP Shuffle.
  • Smart kill switch.
  • DDoS and DNS leak protection
  • Split tunneling.
  • Torrent support.
  • Netflix access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.



  • UK headquarters.
  • User data collection.
  • Inconsistent speeds.
  • No access to Hulu and BBC iPlayer.
  • No Smart DNS.

Online privacy without the tinfoil hat


No logging


As an audited No Log VPN, HMA doesn’t log your exact IP address, your activity, or maybe precisely what proportion 

data you’re transmitting across our servers — ensuring you remain completely anonymous, even to us, once you use our service.


Smart Kill Switch


A Kill Switch makes sure no data leaks when your connection to a VPN server drops. And on Windows, you’ll customize it to activate for your whole system or on an app-by-app basis. you’ll also designate apps to automatically launch HMA whenever you begin them up.




Most VPNs are an all-or-nothing affair: either all of your applications and browsers are encrypted, or they’re not. Not with Split-Tunneling: you’ll choose which applications undergo HMA VPN, while everything else connects to the online normally.


IP Shuffle

Supercharge your online anonymity. IP Shuffle randomizes your IP addresses anywhere from every 10 minutes to once each day — you select. Trackers won’t be ready to continue as you jump from IP address to IP address in any of our 290+ locations.


Leak protection


HMA VPN includes built-in protection against IPv4, IPv6, and other DNS leaks. We use our no-log HMA DNS servers to handle all of your DNS requests, which keeps you private and encrypted, and protects you from dangerous malware and phishing sites.



Access to the planet


With servers in 290 locations spread across 190 countries, HMA brings the planet to your fingertips. With such comprehensive coverage, there’s hardly any content you won’t be ready to access, and no block which will get in your way.


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