20 Most Common Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make 2023

How to start an amateur blog ?


You are planning or just started blogging? And committing silly mistakes as Amateur Bloggers,

This isn’t a new thing I also start blogging then I have committed many mistakes because as a newbie I don’t know too much about blogging,

Hence Mistake is a mistake and if you solve your mistake then you will get success.

So in this post, I have a compiled list of the mistakes that every amateur blogger make when they started their blogging journey and,

I have sure if you control 20 mistakes you will become a great Blogger and start an amateur blog.


20 Most Common Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make 2020


1. Free Domain for WordPress or Hosting

2. Free blogging platforms

3. Not Keyword Research

4. No Passion for the Subject

5. Terrible Blog Design

6. Copying Content Without Giving Credit

7. Not Writing Frequently

8. Ignore List Building

9. Huge Build Backlinks

10. Don’t Leverage Social Media Traffic

11. Share Only Your Content

12. Not Linking To Others

13. Avoiding Affiliate Marketing

14. Scared To Invest In Plugins/Tools

15. Ignoring Blogger Community

16. Ignore Google Search Console & Bing Search Console

17. No prior planning

18. Ignoring Website Speed

19. the repeating topic again and again.

20. Money Making Machine


Let’s Start Discuss all 20 Mistakes:-



Using Free Domain


Free Domain is not a good idea for any blogging, domain name is the identity of your blog. you will not get control of the free domain.

  • example.blogspot.com
  • example.wordpress.com
  • example.wix.com

So having a custom name will get you more exposure than you simply deserve, and By registering a website name, you create your online presence together with your blog.

Having a custom name gives you more freedom to try to do whatever together with your blog and helps you determine yourself as a brand.

There has lots of hosting in the market that give you a use full free domain with hosting. Blue host is one of the best.




Free blogging platforms


Your journey commences after you launch your website, where most bloggers start it all wrong.

The mistake new bloggers commit is selecting to not self-host their website. Most don’t do that thanks to ignorance.

you risk the likelihood of losing all of your content if the corporate shut down or decides to shut your account for whatsoever reason. You don’t own your business assets.

For Blogging, you can use Bluehost. (Best and simple WordPress hosting)


Click the link on Bluehost on WordPress on:-



Not Keyword Research


This is a very big factor in the success of any blog.

I noticed that a lot of amateur bloggers start writing their articles without doing any keyword research.

Because they don’t skill to try to do the keyword research. Also, many newbie bloggers don’t know anything about

keywords research

Before writing your article, spend a while in keyword research and find it easy to rank long-tail keywords, related keywords.

You can start with Semrush Keyword magic tools.





No Passion for the Subject


We have heard repeatedly, make a career in something you’re hooked in to and you’ll never be disappointed.

Let’s say you’re feeling you are hooked on writing or blogging and do some research on the themes which are hottest and obtain the foremost visitors.

Depending on your research, let’s assume, you begin a finance blog. However, finance is some things which don’t excite you much. this is often equivalent as eager to be a writer but taking employment within the finance field, albeit you’re writing.

Sooner or later, you’ll not enjoy the method of growing your visitors and subscribers the maximum amount you’d have if you wrote about something you’re hooked on to.




Terrible Blog Design


This is one of the biggest mistakes for each blogger

If you’re using free themes, then you’re Architecture your Destruction.

Be it on Blogger or WordPress, lack of experience alone may be a compelling reason why amateur bloggers rush for free of charge and NULLED templates/themes.

When you have an untidy website, visitors won’t take you seriously. they might think you aren’t reliable and dropping ranks on the program is merely a matter of your time.

It’s time Elementor is trending for blog design.




Copying Content Without Giving Credit


Many bloggers think that writing content may be a tough task and that’s why they copy other bloggers content by performing some modification and without taking their permission,

And that’s why they don’t rank on google, Because the content which they copied is already ranked on google and therefore the content they published comes into Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is some things that Google hates; If you’re doing this, then it’s such as you are committing SEO suicide.



Not Writing Frequently 


Focus on work, punctuality and regularity are must to bring out 100% efficiency. Amateur Blogs lack these.

In today’s date competition is extremely high and it’s not difficult for people to hunt other sources of data for his or her needs.

So stop being an amateur and begin publishing regularly. That way your amateur blogs will fetch more visitors.




Ignore List Building


More than 50% of beginner bloggers do this error that they don’t specialize in building their email list.

In today’s date competition is extremely high and it’s not difficult for people to hunt other sources of data for his or her needs.

So stop being an amateur and begin publishing regularly. That way your amateur blogs will fetch more visitors.


You Can You Use a Trial plan of Aweber.




Huge Build Backlinks


Backlinks are good for ranking but huge toxic and low DA backlinks can harm your blog ranking.

Newbie blogger features a misconception that for ranking a replacement site you’ve got to form many backlinks within the starting.

Every newbie blogger just starts a replacement blog, makes few blog posts, then starts doing link building from the second day, and that I think that’s why many newbie bloggers don’t see the results.

Focus on high DA Backlink and guest posting. With the Help of SemRush Backlink, you can analyze competitors’ backlinks and make the strategy.



Don’t Leverage Social Media Traffic


Because they don’t leverage every traffic source, Mostly newbie blogger depends on the organic traffic,

But they don’t know that they will quickly generate the proper amount of traffic using social media.

You are only counting on one traffic source, Then I like to recommend preventing doing this and starting sharing your article on social media and you would possibly also know that google indirectly loves social signals.




Share Only Your Content


A lot of individuals are making this error, they share their blog content and avoid sharing other’s content. They think if they share other content, then people get traffic due to them, and this is not right.
You cannot share other’s content, then never think people share your content. So start sharing other bloggers’ content and let them know that you simply share their content they feel happy, and within the future, they’re going to also share your content, and you’ll get their audience too.




Not Linking To Others


This mistake is commonest among amateur bloggers. I also did this in the past, but believe me. it isn’t suitable for your blog.
Most amateur bloggers think if they link to a different blog, then their website traffic will go there. Yes, it’s right, but it’s good for you. By linking high-authority blogs, you get a lift in your website authority.



Avoiding Affiliate Marketing


More than 60% of individuals who start their blog don’t even know what affiliate marketing is.
They think that Google Adsense is that the only thanks to making money from the website. you’ll make 10x extra money from equivalent traffic if you’re doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing may be a way of creating money by selling someone else’s product. You can earn money through affiliate marketing.



Scared To Invest In Plugins/Tools


Every amateur blogger made this error,

you are just starting your blog, then also make allow tools and plugins which may help within the path of your success.

You are confused that during which tool or plugin you ought to invest? Then here is the list below:

  • Grammarly
  • Thrive Architect (Plugin to style Your Blog)
  • Canva (Optimize Your Blog Images)
  • SEMrush (Best SEO tool)These are the tools/plugin during which you’ll invest,



Ignoring Blogger Community


Blogging is unquestionably a private experience for many people and is preferred for the liberty it provides to be anywhere and still work, however, it’s important to remain connected to a minimum of a couple of other bloggers.

This will assist you stay updated with people who are browsing an equivalent experience as you and assist you gain knowledge of stuff that you simply may need not encounter yet.



Ignore Google Search Console & Bing Search Console


Most new bloggers forget about google console & bing search console, in beginning, I didn’t focus on a blog post and didn’t get any results.
the console is the first part of SEO so don’t ignore it.



No prior planning


This is an error that I did for an extended time. Also, almost every amateur blogger makes.
When we start a blog, we never plan for a future blog post, but believe me, it affects us within the future. After writing some blog posts, we do not have content to write down, and that we waste time brooding about what to write down.
Make sure your start making an inventory of blog ideas from today and never make this error that tons of amateur blog writer do.



Ignoring Website Speed


Many bloggers don’t worry about improving their website speed.
Website speed is one of the important Google Ranking Factors. If you would like a higher ranking on Google then you ought to specialize in improving your website speed.




Repeating topic again and again


This is an error that I did for an extended time. Also, almost every amateur blogger makes.
Most of the time many bloggers repeat about topics, hence google hasn’t got the right communication. Only focus on a unique and single topic on your Blog.




Money Making Machine


Most amateur blogs that I even have encountered in my blogging journey, contain several ads that keep it up disturbing while surfing between the pages.
Such amateur blogs tend to earn money just from day one itself, thinking that the blog may be a money-making machine.


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