VidToon Review 2024 – Kickstart Your Animation Journey

What is VidToon ?


VidToon is one of the only animation video maker software that lets layman users create animation videos easily within minutes. With ready-made animated characters, motion graphics texts, audios, and more, this video maker software is that the last word video marketing tool.

VidToon doesn’t require users to possess technical design skills to be able to create videos. With this animation video maker, you’ll use the simple drag and drop method to form eye-catching animations within minutes.

The animation videos created using VidToon have the potential to capture attention and interact with the audience. this is often paradigmatic because it compels them to spend time to know about your product or service.



VidToon Pricing


VidToon 2 pricing start with 67 $ but you purachase on 49 $.


Start With Vidtoon 2


With VidToon 2 Animation Software you can:

  • Make UNLIMITED Videos (FOREVER!)
  • Works on Mac & PC
  • Import Your Own Images, GIF’s, Backgrounds & Music
  • No Video Length Restrictions
  • InBuild Royalty Free Library
  • Use Google and Microsoft Text to Speech


VidToon 2.0’s – Enhanced Features Will Floor You

Download VidToon 2.0 directly onto your computer to urge right to business. Our easy to use dashboard is now FASTER making life easy & animated videos a fast reality



You can make sophisticated Pixar like explainer video with a click of a couple of buttons with our Modern interface .


We have a plethora of options for your video needs. There’s another unlimited range of images in association with Pixabay which will be wont to set your animation’s background.


New age characters which will play the protagonists of your story.


Sound effects to bring your explainer video to life.


As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added more GIFs and transitions to feature striking effects to your final output.


As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added more GIFs and transitions to feature striking effects to your final output.



Best Part Of VidToon


Impressive Transitions


  • Add transitions to your explainer video with a click of a button.
  • Make your characters swipe in and out from the direction of your choice.
  • Focus selectively with the concentrate and zoom-out option. you’ll also simply use the fade effect.


Effective Typography

  • Use the right words.
  • More importantly, make them look attractive.
  • Use your brand fonts and hues to remain up the recall.
  • You can also match your text size, type, and color with the story of your video.


Easy Customization


  • Add elements within the proper proportion.
  • Simply drag the corner (the red x will show you where) to resize the particular element in your output.



Simplistic Technology


  • You decide for yourself.
  • We offer you the creative freedom to choose where you want each item to be placed on your canvas.


Rapid Personalization


Now you’ll easily add your audio files and pictures to personalize the video, tailor-made for your needs.


Immensely Conversational


  • We promote communication.
  • Make your character have a conversation with another, just by clicking, copying & flipping it.


Features of VidToon

  • The All-New Editor Works Faster Than Ever Before. We assist you Create 2D Animated Explainer Videos in Record Time.
  • Ready-To-Go Animated Characters Included for nearly Any Scenario And Niche that you simply Want To Dominate
  • Expanded Royalty Free Library With HD Background Images and Music Files Ready With A Click
  • Multilingual Text (Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Hindi) Supported
  • Automated Voice Overs: Give Your Animated Explainer Video slightly of Reality With Our Microsoft and Google Dynamic Text To Speech Options
  • Now Create Animated Explainer Videos That Are Up to twenty Min Long As Compared to only 3 Min Earlier. Sell an extended Explainer Video For More Profits
  • ADD ON #1 Free Commercial License Upgrade Included So you’ll Make Money From all of your Explainer Videos Without Legal Hassles
  • Smart Timeline: we all know What Works Best! Drag & Drop Items Onto The Scene & allow us to figure Our Auto-Positioning Magic
  • 3X Timelines Per Category – Manage Your Items With Greater Ease
  • FHD Export – Redefine Great Quality
  • Camera Zoom In/Out Feature- specialize in What Matters
  • Modern User Interface- For Our Smart Users


Start With Vidtoon 2


Text To Speech Technology is keeping it real.

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