Top 12 Highest Earning Bloggers in The World 2024

This list of 12 Highest Earning Bloggers sites are considered the very best in the business. I often get inspired with these sites, urging me to place in the work to create my own site the best it can be. I hope that this inspires you also. Here list of blogger who earned money from single work.


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What type of blogs make the most money?


Today lots of Professinal blogger earn huge money:- 1.huffpost(10,000+Daily Earning),,500+Daily Earning), (9,000+Daily Earning),,000+Daily Earning) and 5. Smashingmagazine (7,500+Daily Earning) and they are Highest Earning Bloggers sites.


Here read Highest Earning Bloggers:-



1.Tim Sykes


Name:                    Tim Sykes
Income Channel:    Trading,Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   46,495
United States ranking by Alexa 7,753
Site linking:
Estimated Earnings:  $1,000,000+ per month


Penny stock dealer turned blogger and Instagramer, Tim Skyes takes our #1 spot. The way he makes his cash:
He earns most of his cash by selling dvd classes that teach individuals how to market penny stocks and exchange.he is one of the Highest Earning Bloggers.


What sets him apart from other people:

In my experience in online marketing, I guess the majority of his income is produced by his work on social websites (his Instagram has over 1.2 million followers and he’s crazy active on there).
It’s estimated that his personal blog earns him around $15-20 million annually, so to be on the safe side, we estimated his income 1 million per month.


Big takeaway:

Sell the lifestyle to sell the merchandise.
If Tim posted photographs of him crunching numbers all day selling penny stocks, then it probably wouldn’t work. Instead, he sells an internet lifestyle from using his plan (penny stocks) and he’s KILLING it.


2. Melyssa Griffin


Name:                 Melyssa Griffin
Income Channel:    E-Course Sales and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   50,282
United States ranking by Alexa 15,976
Site linking: 274
Estimated Earnings:  $3,00,000+ per month

Melyssa Griffin is a teacher turned blogger / pro marketer that Lauren and I’ve always looked up to. We even call her”Melyssa” when speaking about her in our house . Melyssa is 2nd Highest Earning Bloggers.


How she earns her money:

Most of it comes from selling her own classes in Addition to other people’s expensive courses, but she is also now CRUSHING the podcast game with her fresh jam: Pursuit of Goal


What sets her apart:

Melyssa is your queen-bee of hustle. She launches merchandise to her email list quite often. Girl is ON IT. Subscribe to her email list and you will understand what I am talking about. She’s not playing games.

Big takeaway:

Find your hustle and audience like looney toons to assist them.


3. Chiara Ferragni


Name:               Chiara Ferragni
Income Channel:    Online Shop and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   1,25,349
Japan ranking by Alexa 5,733
Site linking: 133
Estimated Earnings:  $2,50,000+ per month

Fundamentally, living every woman’s dream, Chiara started a personal blog back in 2009 and leveraged that blog into a huge fashion brand — The Blonde Salad.

I am honestly unsure what sets her fashion apart from others, but I truly love her story. Homegirl began a website which drew in half a million monthly visitors per month. She subsequently leveraged that into a brand generating more than 15 million in yearly revenue. he is one of Highest Earning Bloggers sites.

There are all sorts of women calling themselves bossbabes these days, but Chiara is actually one.

Large takeaway:
Once you have fans and readers, your blog can continue to evolve into something even better. Sarah Titus — $250,000+/month
Sarah Titus’s blog is centered on everything mom life and helping mothers to generate income from home.
The way she makes her money:
She makes all her money selling printables on her online shop, and makes some money from affiliate advertising.
What sets her apart:
You will see that she talks about God and her family struggles in almost every one of her posts. Her bio states,”He abandoned me HOMELESS…” in the opening tagline. Talk about a great hook to draw on your own readers.


4.Pat Flynn


Name:                  Pat Flynn
Income Channel:    Selling Ebook, Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   13,278
United States ranking by Alexa 5,410
Site linking: 1581
Estimated Earnings:  $2,00,000 per month


Pat Flynn is the crash test dummy of earning passive income on line over at Smart Passive Income.

The way he makes his cash:

40 percent of his earnings comes from affiliate advertising distinct products and services such as ConvertKit, Bluehost, and other high costs classes. The other 50% comes out of selling his own products and courses. 10% comes in several different places.

He’s been crushing the match since 2008, and I think every blogger remembers seeing his income reports as type of a mind-blowing thing. Now, EVERYONE in the biz does them.

I think another major factor is his true nature. If Pat talks, he just seems like a guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, much less attempt to sell you some crap you don’t need. I believe that’s very helpful when referring to a subject riddled with scammers at each turn. He is also on of Highest Earning Bloggers sites.

Biggest Takeaway:
In a time when you don’t know who you can trust, authenticity is quite valuable.

5.John Lee Dumas


Name:                 John Lee Dumas
Income Channel:   Podcast ,Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:  71,774
United States ranking by Alexa 22,147
Site linking: 348
Estimated Earnings:  $2,00,000+ per month

John Lee Dumas and his wife run a podcast which has now done over 1,900 interviews with successful entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and more.

Just how they make their money:
35 percent of their income comes from affiliate marketing — others courses and products such as Clickfunnels (landing page software). 35 percent comes from selling sponsorships with this podcast. The past 30% comes from promoting his very own electronic products and journals on Amazon.

Clearly, there is a drawback to this program, which could be gruesome, but you can capture podcasts in bulk to save some time and also have a normal life.
Biggest Takeaway:
Showing up consistently endears other people to you.
I actually have a buddy who does YouTube videos 7 days a week and it works VERY well for him. His audience feels really attached to him since they hear from him every single day. It is a strategy which may be used in just about any enterprise.


6. Heather and Pete Reese


Name:  Pete Reese
Income Channel:    Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   1,38,646
United States ranking by Alexa 38,124
Site linking:  124
Estimated Earnings:  $1,50,000+ per month


The Reese family runs on the blog, It’s A Beautiful Life, that is actually a massive family lifestyle and travel site.

How they make their money:

60% comes in sponsored articles and affiliate marketing. Another 40% comes from promoting their own merchandise and courses.

What sets them apart:

Another fantastic example of the efficacy of joining a lifestyle site with educating your readers on various topics. This combination appears to be quite successful for both adoptive readers for you and making money online.
Biggest Takeaway:
Lifestyle + Instruction Content = Blog Profits


7.Jeff Rose’s


Name:    Jeff Rose
Income Channel:    Financial planning clinic ,Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   37,229
United States ranking by Alexa 15,617
Site linking:  487
Estimated Earnings:  $1,50,000+ per month


Jeff Rose’s blog, Good Financial Cents, is a fiscal blog instructing people how to get financial freedom from being smarter with your cash.

How he makes his money:
33 percent of his income comes from a financial planning clinic he manages. Another 33% comes from affiliate marketing services and products such as Insurance Plans. 20% comes from selling online courses and electronic products. The last 14 percent comes from sponsorships and advertisements.

IJeff really runs his own financial planning practice that cements his blog as genuinely expert advice. I mean, if you’re learning from a personal trainer online and they had an extremely successful practice or owned a gym, you would probably trust them as well.

Biggest Takeaway:
You can take an existing business you have and use it as leverage for your site achievement.


8.Elisa Larson and Emma Chapman


Name:              Elisa Larson
Income Channel:   
Advertising ,Sponsorships,Adsense etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   58,574
United States ranking by Alexa 19,188
Site linking:  4,188
Estimated Earnings:  $1,00,000+ per month


Elisa Larson and Emma Chapman are the creators of A Beautiful Mess, where they blog about what from DIY to Instagram tips.
How they make their money:
While there are no clear indicators on where the majority of the income comes from, they have said it is a mix of…
Advertising ,Sponsorships with brands
What sets them apart:
I don’t know them well, but their social existence is INSANE. They’re on top of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter. As someone who runs a couple of blogs with a partner, we can barely do two of those nicely. It’s impressive.
Biggest Takeaway:
Your blog can have a ton of different focal points and still succeed.




Name:                    Alborz
Income Channel:    advertising and sponsorships etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   82,612
India ranking by Alexa 25,729
Site linking:  59
Estimated Earnings:  $1,000,0+ per month


Alborz is the founder of Car Advice, where he turned his passion for cars into a thriving site and money-making small business.
Just how they make their money:
Largely through advertising and sponsorships with brands.
Alborz has leveraged his private blog endeavor into a huge branded website and among the most trusted car information sites in Australia. They now have a group of over 30 individuals and publish content like mad.
Biggest Takeaway:
Your site can take your passions to cool areas. Alborz gets to test drive cars that are amazing and gets all sorts of perks out of his blog.




Name:         Schroeder-Gardner
Income Channel:    Survey ,Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   35,489
United States ranking by Alexa 9,517
Site linking:  548
Estimated Earnings:  $1,000,00+ per month

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents is the mythical finance blog helping individuals earn more and save .

Blogger meetupFrom abandoned, Alex Nerney, Lauren McManus, Michelle Schroeder Gardener, her husband Wes, and our other blogger buddy, Natalie Bacon.

How she earns her money:

Most of her income comes from affiliate marketing others courses and providers like Bluehost, but a fantastic portion comes out of selling her very own electronic products. The remaining stems from sponsorships and ads put on her sites.
What sets her apart:
Michelle is not a marketer. Not at all. You’ll find the majority of the successful bloggers on this list are excellent marketers masking about as bloggers.
The truth is that Michelle is an outstanding blogger. Her crowd loves her so much that she earns more money than most marketers without seeming like she is trying. It is very impressive!
Biggest Takeaway:
Be the best at what you do and the money will follow.


11.Jon Morrow


Name:               Jon Morrow
Income Channel:   Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   12,743
India ranking by Alexa 3293
Site linking:  83
Estimated Earnings:  $1,00,000+ per month

Jon Morrow is the creator of Smart Blogger, where he teaches other bloggers how to triumph.

The way he makes his cash:
The site generates most of its money through affiliate marketing products that help bloggers triumph and through promoting its own digital course/products. he is one of Highest Earning Bloggers sites.
What sets him apart:
Jon Morrow, the owner, is bound to a wheelchair and may only feel his encounter. Yet, despite this, he has turned into a millionaire and traveled the world together with his blogging career.
I also suggest checking out his other website, Unstoppable, well where he speaks more about this stuff. Inspirational AF.
Largest Takeaway:
We all feel like we have limits. We should never let it stop us from attaining anything we put our hearts or thoughts. It is us… WE’RE COOL TOO!


12.Lindsay and Bjork


Name:                  Lindsay and Bjork
Income Channel:    Adsense and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa:   18,326
United States ranking by Alexa 7,753
Site linking:  1807
Estimated Earnings:  $1,00,000+ per month

Lindsay and Bjork operate two sites, Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro, where they create recipes and show people how to create their own recipe blog. he is one of Highest Earning Bloggers sites.

How they make their money:

They earn 50% of their income from advertising, 20% from sponsored posts and affiliate marketing, and I’d guess another 30 percent from Food Blogger Pro (they don’t report on its earnings ).

What sets them apart:

I believe they were some of the first food bloggers to reveal their income and this built up a faithful following. People who followed them for their recipes also wished to understand how to make a food site themselves.


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