How to Get 4,000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers on YouTube (Fast)

If you’re planning for a YouTube video creator working towards monetizing your YouTube channel, you’ve got 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time over 12 months as per YouTube Guidelines.


YouTube’s 4,000 hours of watch time: A breakdown


According to YouTube, to be eligible to use for the Partner Program (YPP), you want to meet the subsequent requirements:

  • YPP is out there in your country
  • You have quite 4,000 watch hours within the previous 12 months
  • You have quite 1,000 subscribers
  • You create content that meets YouTube Partner Program policies
  • You have linked an approved AdSense account


So what strategy you’ll follow to grow:-


Create and post more videos to extend engagement and boost watch hours.


It’s a numbers game: the more videos you post the more likely you’ll rack up views and watch hours. Most YouTubers specialize in creating videos for just a few of their easy perception. This is often because video production for an extended video can be time-consuming.

However, with touch creativity and an understanding that you simply can make many various sorts of videos beyond the normal, you’ll create more videos for your fans to observe and luxuriate in. most vital part is to engage together with your view.



Create and post longer videos to extend viewing hours.


Most videos are usually short, averaging about 3 minutes per view. to get 240,000 watch minutes (4000 hours), you’d need your video to be watched to completion 80,000 times. To help, beyond creating more Long videos, consider creating and adding a mixture of longer videos to assist increase viewing time for your channel. By default, YouTube allows videos up to fifteen minutes long and if you would like longer options.

These videos might be a vlog, special behind-the-music interviews, or other long-form content. But if you do not want to spend all of your time becoming a video producer and you play killer live shows, you’ll also post a couple of of your recorded live shows in their entirety.

Counting on the length of your sets, this might end in videos 30, 45, 60, or more minutes long. Confine mind, your videos also can be audio-only, so if you simply have the audio of shows from your past, you’ll upload the audio with a still or revolving set of images.


Live stream events and make the video publicly accessible after the event.


Similar to prerecord videos, every minute people watch your live stream on YouTube counts toward the 4000 watch hour threshold. Live streaming is often done on mobile or your desktop. Plus, YouTube allows long uploads for live streams by default. So, consider live streaming your next show or event.


Regular comment and have interaction with another channel


This is a vital part of growing youtube, you’ve got to try to positively discuss trending videos.


Never Buy subscriber and View


Most YouTubers have a mistake, Most Youtubers purchase subscribers and consider for fast growing but Youtube can penalize your channel or can close your channel.


SEO is extremely important factor for Youtube video – Its Very Important


VidIq is audience development and management suite that helps to youtube grow their view ans subscriber . For real Grow you have to use VidIQ.



Its provide Great support about tag and trending keyword Etc:-


  • Analytics
  • Tag
  • Tips and insights
  • Seo and Keyword
  • Data Backup
  • Competitor Research (Very Important)
  • Bulk Update
  • Video Optimization
  • Thumbnail Generation

VidIQ Boost is right for essential YouTube growth. regardless of if you’re a private creator or agency manager, If you actually want to effectively utilize your money then VidIQ Boost is very recommended. With VidIQ Boost you’ll found out 5, 10, or 15 trend alerts, and you’ll track 20 competitors at just one occasion .


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The features listed below assist you to optimize your YouTube videos so you’ll get more views and achieve higher rankings.


  • YouTube Keyword Tool – look for keywords in any niche and determine the number of views and subscribers also as competition. VidIQ gives a Keyword Score that provides you a thought of a keyword’s value.
  • Keyword Inspector – Provides you with even more keyword information like related videos and interest over time.
  • Inline Keywords – Reveals the tags employed by your competitors.
  • Keyword Translator – Translates your titles, descriptions, and tags into multiple languages to succeed in a worldwide audience.
  • Keyword Templates – Create tag templates that you simply can easily insert into any future videos.


VidIQ offers a series of features you’ll use to trace key metrics so you’ll optimize your videos and obtain the foremost out of them. Listed below are some examples.


With VidIQ’s Scoreboard feature, you get instant access to all or any of your important metrics:

  • Overview of key data points: See views, views-per-hour, average view time, also because the top countries and devices from where your videos are viewed.
  • Video Optimization Checklist: see a green check or Red Cross for factors like title, tags, description, thumbnail, social media shares, and more.
  • Channel analytics: Measure video performance within the context of your channel. Stats include total channel views and average daily views and subscribes.
  • Historical data: Chart the performance of any video from the time it had been uploaded to this.
  • Related videos: See related videos that are trending.
  • Best time of day: Identify the optimal times for uploading your videos.
  • Productivity tools: Comment templates and bulk editing for cards and End Screens.
  • Learn about subscribers: determine which videos and channels your audience is watching additionally to yours.
  • Real-Time Stats Bar: The Real-Time Stats Bar allows you to see the foremost up-to-date numbers on views and subscribers. You’ll see a graph also as metrics weakened by the hour and day. you’ll track how a video is trending over any period, right up to this moment.


Boost Keyword Research on YouTube


Every day there are BILLIONS of search queries, and if you recognize what they’re, you’ll use this data to place your videos ahead of more eyeballs.

Guess who has that intel and therefore the tools to take advantage of it? We do! vidIQ boost may be a very powerful tool that provides you relevant search term suggestions. It also shows similar videos that are trending.

Keyword Inspector


The keyword Inspector tool helps you understand the keyword universe surrounding a root keyword. it’ll display related terms, our vidIQ keyword score, related videos, and interest over time which may be useful for identifying whether a keyword remains hip and when tent pole/recurring keywords


Tag Auto-Complete


Just like YouTube recommends search query as you type something call at their search bar, once you type out keyword tags on the video upload/editor page, vidIQ will suggest ideal keywords too.


Export Top Keywords from Competitor


Want to ascertain which top keywords are getting used by your competitors simply click the “Top Keywords” button and a popup will allow you to look at or download.


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So finally I recommend to use vidIQ for Growing YouTube channel . I am Using Two Youtube channel Bynext and Pro capital Akash and Get Highly success by VidIQ .

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