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Taboola Review: Why it’s worth having their Sponsored Stories

taboola discovery

In past few years Taboola becomes a big Ad company with thousands of premium publishers around Globe, Taboola is basically PPC ad network which pays publishers when anyone click on their Ads, Taboola serve native ads below content & in sidebar of content based websites.

taboola ads

As Taboola get fame very soon, publishers want to know more about Taboola ad network so they also start working with them, here is our review of Taboola which will tell you each and everything about this company.

Taboola Account Approval

At this time Taboola is only working with large publishers having more than 5Lac Pageviews/Month, which means small publisher can not join them, you can contact them to know more about approval and signup process through contact form at their website.

Taboola only approves content based sites, other types of sites can also not join this network.


Taboola Ads

You can create ad widgets in account section if you account got approval, four type of ad formats are supported by Taboola which are:

  1. Related Content widget
  2. In Content Ad
  3. Link Widget
  4. Sidebar widget

Taboola ads on site

You can customise the look & feel of ads from colours to layout, number of ad links and title of your widget from already present templates.

Ads are served through JavaScript code. You can also block specific ads from showing on your site.

Update: Taboola do not provide customization for most of the accounts, they will create Ad unit themselves for your site and will send you code in email.


Performance Reporting

Taboola do not have good reporting system, analytics are once updated every 24 hours which make it harder for publisher to do A/B testing. But rest of things are okay, you can see CTR and number of ad clicks by Time in reports section.


Taboola is good alternative to AdSense but it doesn’t mean that it can beat AdSense, these native ad networks got fame just because of their high CTR, you can get maximum of 0.15 $/click which is still more than other Adsense alternatives. You can get maximum CTR from Taboola as ads are sexy & attractive so you can expect more than 15% CTR which is four times higher than normal AdSense CTR that’s mean you can expect a handsome amount of income from Taboola.

Support for Publishers/Advertisers

taboola support


All publishers /Advertisers on Taboola ad network are provided with a high level of support through email, users can solve their issues in minutes, also advertisers have phone support option.


About Payments

Taboola pays on 45 net basis through Chechque, EFT transfer and Payoneer, payments are never delayed or scamed.


Taboola For Advertisers

Its provide excellent platform for advertisers to drive conversions in less cost, you can completely track ROI and customize compagins with excellent support, also you have big oppertunity to advertise on world top sites where advertising matters.

taboola advertiser benefit

How much successful Taboola is?

Taboola is successful native advertising network, they beated all native advertising networks which started their work long before taboola like Outbrain. Taboola becomes world’s leading content discovery platform, serving 200 Billions recommendations to over 550 Million unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites, including NBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today,  The Atlantic and Fox Sports.

brands working with taboola

Why Taboola is so successful?

Taboola started their work with large publishers like Buisness insider, NBC, USA Today & Weather channel which increased the trust of advertiser and publishers on this network, also it is paying pretty good to publishers and bringing maximum result for advertisers in low cost.

Below is Quick chart to learn more about Taboola.

  1. Best Native advertising Network of the time.
  2. Excellent Support.
  3. Good CTR
  4. 100% Fill Rate
  5. Complete contorl over Ads
  6. Easy Customization
  7. On time payments, no hasseles
  1. Not available for small publishers.
  2. Average CPC
  3. Adult ads mostly
  4. Limited Ad formats
  5. Less Targeted Ad
  6. Simple Reporting


  1. Simple to use
  2. Awesome Support
  3. Maximum ROI
  4. Complete control
  1. Less Targeted Ads
  2. Only for big advertisers

Hope this clears, if you have any experience using Taboola than must share your reviews about this network in the comment box, also you can share your thoughts regarding native advertising. Thanks for reading, keep visiting this blog for more awesome reviews.

MGID Traffic Exchange Increased My Blog Traffic by 55%


For a blog the most important thing is Traffic and different ways can be use to drive traffic to a blog. I have tried lots of ways to increase my blog traffic. For example search engine optimization, social bookmarking, voting websites etc, all contributed in traffic generation for TechMaish, but just a few months ago i started with MGID to check how it works. My revenue from cpm ad network increased as the overall traffic has increased.

After installing the widget of MGID on my blog, I was shocked to see that MGID is sending 200-500 unique visitors every day to my blog.

I thought that the traffic may be unreal and temporary, but day after day I got the same traffic with lots of comments. People were commenting on my blogposts which was the sign that the traffic is real and real people are visiting to my blog.

My blog traffic has got increased by 55% just because of MGID Widget.

What Exactly MGID is?

It is a traffic exchange system where you install a widget on your blog to display related posts with thumbnails to the readers. The related posts are the posts of other blogs that appears on your blog.

Similarly your blogposts also appears in the same way on other blogs who have installed MGID on there blogs. The posts are automatically rotating and every time a post is visited, the most relevant post is shown in the related post section to the visitor.


How to Start With MGID?

Visit scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill the form with required information. Wait for replay from MGid and if you blog got approved then you can install a simple code in your blog to display related posts with thumbnails in your blog.

MGid representative will manually submit some of your popular posts in MGid system and these will then appear on related blogs.

MGID Payment Proof



The informal work environment lets you focus on what matters, making your sales. I worked in the sales department and the training they provided was incredible and relatively new to the digital marketing space and management as well as my team members provided a lot of support to help get me up to speed. I also enjoyed the opportunity to represent the company at trade shows (Free trips to Vegas, NYC and Germany? Y… Show More


Not a con about the company but this is a very sales oriented position. If you’re not ready to put in the hours prospecting (which can be a tedious process) then take this into consideration. If you come from a sales background and are comfortable doing your own prospecting then you’ll be fine. By no means a “boiler room” type situation you see in other sales positions.

RevContent Review- High Paying Native Ad Network


You have several different ways by which you can monetise your website and the best way is by advertising. When we come to advertising then mostly all of you think about the google adsense which is one of the best high paying network around the globe. But as we know that sky is not the limit so we also got some other networks rather than only adsense. There are some google adsense alternatives and one is Revcontent.

What is RevContent

Revcontent is one of the big content recommendation network which is serving more than 100 billion content recommendations every month across the globe. The big competitors of this network are taboola and outbrain. Although this network was found after some years before its competitors but due to its quality Revcontent made his position very strong in the market.
Here is an interesting fact about the revcontent that they claim that they have rejected 98% websites. This shows that how much they concentrate on their quality. I think that this strategy is good to get the most loyal and best publishers and also the big and high paying advertisers. And ultimately when you get high paying advertisers then you pay your publishers more.

Is it CPM or CPC

Those who are unaware of Revcontent may don’t know about its genre. Basically this network is CPM based network and pays the publishers on CPM basis. This means that to earn more using this network you should also have more traffic which generate more pageviews.


Requirements to get approved Revcontent native advertising network

Below are the some most important factors which should be fulfilled before you apply. Because if anyone of the below recommendation is not fulfilled then you may face a disapproval from them.
  • Your site must get almost 30,000-40,000 page impressions every month.
  • You should have a unique and original content on your site.
  • Your site must not have any objectionable content like gambling, pornography, hacking or malware etc.
  • Your content should have spelling mistakes.
If you fulfils all the above requirements then you are able to get approved account of revcontent.

How you get paid?

Revcontent pays his publishers on net-30 basis. you can withdraw your earning after very 30 days. They also have a minimum threshold which users should reach before they get their payment, Which is 50$ minimum. And you only get paid via paypal.

Pros of Revcontent

Here are the some pros of Revcontent:
  1. High CPM Rates
  2. Big Advertisers which pays high
  3. You can also monetize your mobile apps using revcontent native ads
  4. Real-Time reporting system
  5. Quick support
  6. Responsive ads which can help you to monetize your mobile site.
So, these are some pros of the revcontent.

Cons of Revcontent

Along with its pros their are also some cons of this network which are listed below:
  1. Lots of Restrictions
  2. Small sites or blogs can’t approved by this network you have to get high traffic
  3. Ads are bit intrusive.


After taking a look at the pros and cons of revcontent we see the the pros are dominant on cons, this means that revcontent is good network and you can use it.
This is the whole Recontent review I think you get enough information about revcontent to make a wise decision.

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25 Best Affiliate marketing to earn money online | Real Ways to Make Money Online


If You Are Serous To Earn Money Online then You have to work hard .What technical setup will you need?
In short, what stuff or services you will need to start this method and earn money?

  • A Blog/Website
  • Little HTML and CSS knowledge
  • English Writing Skills
  •  An Email Autoresponder
  • Targeted Traffic



YouTube Channel

You go anywhere or do anything, if you love shooting videos on all these occasions then there is a great scope for you to earn money from YouTube.All you need to do is upload the videos on YouTube & become a YouTube partner. For each & every view, you will get paid.Sometime if any of your videos become viral then you can make huge money.

AdSense & other Ad network

Adsense is best way to earn money online. You can earn 5 $ to10$ with help of blog.You need a website (which anyone can create now a days) & some tricks to bring the traffic on your website so that you can earn money from AdSense & other ad network.We have prepared one of the best course on AdSense earning which thousands of people in India & all over the world have used & now they are earning $200 to $1000+ per month.

Here You Can Fund 25 Best affiliate marketing –

1. CJ Affiliate


CJ Affiliate was formerly known as Commission Junction (or simply CJ) and it’s the most popular affiliate network (and also my personal favorite). It’s one of the oldest affiliate network and that’s why it’s the preferred affiliate network of Fortune 500 companies and major online retailers.

Alexa Rank: 2,142
Minimum Payment Amount: $100 (Check); $50 (Direct Deposit)
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: No

Visit Today

2. ShareASale


ShareASale is perhaps the most admired affiliate network with over 4,000 affiliate programs. There are so many affiliate programs on the web that are exclusive to ShareASale. So if you are unable to find an advertiser in CJ then most probably it’s there at ShareASale.

And ShareASale also has a lot of similarities with CJ like user experience, payment, dormant account policy, and affiliate program types. So yes, all inactive ShareASale accounts will be deactivated if its balance is less than $25.

Alexa Rank: 707
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: Yes

Join Today

3. Rakuten Affiliate Network


Rakuten Affiliate Network was formerly known as LinkShare and is dubbed as the number one affiliate network — for several years now — in affiliate surveys.
Anyway, it doesn’t make much sense to me as the number of advertisers on LinkShare is far less when compared to CJ (or even ShareASale).

However, there are few hundred brands who prefer LinkShare and they do not have an affiliate program elsewhere.

Alexa Rank: 3,995
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: No

Visit Today

4.Aweber: (Email marketing affiliate program)


Aweber is one of the oldest & popular email marketing tools for bloggers & affiliate marketers. They have recently integrated the segmentation feature which is one of the top things to do in 2016 for high conversion.

Visit Aweber

5.Elegant Themes Affiliate Program: (WordPress Themes & Plugins)


This is not a typical residual income affiliate programs. ElegantThemes offer premium WordPress themes & plugins. They pay 50% commission to their affiliates & you will also get paid when your referred users renew their license. I like their affiliate program for high commission which pays off really well.

Payment method: Paypal

6.Thrive Themes (WordPress themes)


Thrivethemes offers an amazing suite of products for bloggers & internet marketers who are on WordPress. Their themes & plugins are built for conversion optimization & they are one of the hottest selling product in the market. They offer 50% commission/sale & 25% recurring lifetime commission. With a great reputation online, promoting them is easier.

Payment mode: Paypal

7.SEMRUSH (SEO & SEM tool)


I  have saved the best for the last as this is one of the tools that is of high credibility & with a new set of features added every other week, it’s a high-end product. The conversion is high & they offer one of the most lucrative offers of 40% recurring commission.

Payment mode: PayPal

8. eBay Partner Network


eBay Partner Network represents’s and its partners’ affiliate programs across the world. The commision rate depends upon the category of products that you are promoting.

For more details, go here. And you also get a bonus for referring new eBay buyers.

Alexa Rank: 17
Minimum Payment Amount: $25
Payment Method(s): Direct Deposit, PayPal
Quick Links: Sign Up | FAQ

9. Affiliate Window


Affiliate Window is one of the best affiliate network in Europe with an advertiser and publisher base of over 1,500 and 75,000 respectively. It’s got a user-friendly interface with real-time reporting.

Affiliate Window even supports deep linking so that you can link to any web page on the advertiser’s website using your affiliate link.

Also, they pay publishers twice every month and the minimum payment amount is also low (when compared to other ad networks).

Alexa Rank: 9,398
Minimum Payment Amount: $20/£20
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: Yes

10. eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network


eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network was formerly known as Pepperjam Network and now it’s got over 1,500 advertisers and 200,000 publishers.

Alexa Rank: 18,610
Minimum Payment Amount: $25
Payment Method(s): PayPal
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS
Referral Program: Unknown

11. Tradedoubler


Tradedoubler is perhaps the most popular affiliate network in Europe with over 2,000 advertisers. If you live in U.S. then I guess you can focus on the above networks itself as they are more popular in the U.S.

Because there’s a very good chance that you won’t find an American retailer in Tradedoubler and likewise if you live in Europe then your favorite retailer could be there in Tradedoubler (and not in any of those American networks).

Alexa Rank: 1,773
Minimum Payment Amount: €70
Payment Method(s): Direct Deposit
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS
Referral Program: Unknown

12. Zanox


Zanox is another affiliate network popular in Europe with over 4,000 advertisers. Some of these European affiliate networks becomes important when they have an exclusive relationship with a brand.

For instance, the super-popular handmade marketplace’s affiliate program is powered by Zanox. So you will need a Zanox publisher account to become an affiliate of Etsy.

Alexa Rank: 2,109
Minimum Payment Amount: €25
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: Unknown

13. FlexOffers


Alexa Rank: 23,139
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method(s): Check, Direct Deposit
Referral Program: Yes

14. Clickbooth


Alexa Rank: 33,747
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method(s): Check, PayPal

15. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is a ‘cool’ automated affiliate networks that gives access to over 20,000 merchants. And it basically means that, when you join any of them you get immediate access to over 20,000 affiliate programs without the hassles like sign up, application, affiliate code generation, etc.

Alexa Rank: 15,952
Minimum Payment Amount: $10
Payment Method(s): Direct Deposit, PayPal
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: Yes

16. VigLink


VigLink claims that it’s got over 45,000 advertisers but more or less everything seems similar to Skimlinks. Like Skimlinks, VigLink takes a 25% cut of the affiliate commissions generated from your website or blog. And their referral program also works exactly like Skimlinks. You get 35% of what they earn for a year from your referral.

Alexa Rank: 6,321
Minimum Payment Amount: $10
Payment Method(s): PayPal
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Program: Yes
ClickBank is the most popular marketplace for digital products with over 6 million products and 200 million customers. In other words, ClickBank is the Amazon for digital products.

So if you are looking for a guide (or an ebook) then you can search the ClickBank marketplace and if it’s there then you can instantly purchase and download it — there’s no need to wait.

17. iTunes Affiliate Program


iTunes Affiliate Program lets you promote the millions of songs and thousands of apps, books, movies, etc. on iTunes and earn a commission for all sales referred by you.


18. ClickBank



ClickBank is the most popular marketplace for digital products with over 6 million products and 200 million customers. In other words, ClickBank is the Amazon for digital products.


19.  WPEngine



It is one of the top affiliate marketing programs to make money. You can make up to $7500 per sale.Thus, it will not fit everyone, it offers reliable WordPress Managed Hosting Services.Plans start at $29 per month. But affiliate get paid $200 minimum or 100% first payment which can be up to $7500 if sale is greater then $200. You earn the highest income as possible.

20. SEO Power Suite:



This is a complete SEO suite that I often use. It allows you to do keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, search for link outreach opportunities and so on…You can download it for free to get to know it. It works on Mac Os, Microsoft Windows system, and GNU/Linux OS. You need to upgrade only when you want automated tasks and saved researches.

An affiliate makes up to $197 per sale promoting SeoPowerSuite.


21 . LongTailPro:


This is the investment most online business owner glad they did. It has a lot of features making finding long tail keyword research easy.You can check out how many backlinks, social signals your competitor have and how difficult it is to beat them. So, you can wisely pick the most profitable keywords for your business.

22) Thesis


Bloggers can easily build WordPress theme with Thesis. It is a drop and drop tool to create awesome pages.When an affiliate involves in making a sale, he gets 33%, which can be up to $120.
You get paid 30% recurring commissions promoting Long Tail Pro. Their plans start at $24.99 per month.

23) ConvertKit


Earn 30% recurring affiliate income. The commission goes up to $600 per month.This is a new comer and yet stellar email service provider. They don’t have a trial program.But they are famous because it’s your best choice if:you want to pay for one subscribers once per month even if he is in 2 or 5 of your lists. (you save money)send email courses on autopilot based on readers intent when clicking your links.

24) GetReponse


Get paid 33% recurring share per active referral each month. Your earning goes up to $46 per month per active customer you referred.This is a tool to create landing pages and handle email list. They allows you to test their service for free for 30 days.

25. Affiliate Manager

Like the name suggests, they are affiliate managers who help brand manage their affiliate programs.When you refer a business who hire them, you make $500. It’s a good fit if you own a business to business oriented blog.

Top 10 High Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers In 2017

Referral marketing is almost similar to affiliate marketing, except affiliate marketing is driven solely by financial reward.In affiliate marketing, you have to sell products/services to earn money. But it’s not necessary for referral marketing. You can get rewards by referring people to a particular site. You have to make sure that they take some actions.

Sometimes it’s easier to make money through referral marketing than affiliate marketing. Because referral marketing doesn’t require selling all the time. You can make money without selling anything.


1. Payoneer Referral Program

Earn high commissions and grow your business by promoting Payoneer’s secure, fast and low cost solution to your contacts, visitors and customers. Share your unique sign up link through blog posts, articles, banners, emails, landing pages, Facebook posts and tweets. You’ll get paid for every new customer that signs up for Payoneer through your link.
Payoneer has both referral and affiliate program. Both of the programs are almost same that offer you to earn $25 per each referral once the referral receives at least $100 in payments for the first time. However, I prefer affiliate program because of the better management system.

Visit Today


2. Revenuehits Referral Program

Each publisher you refer to RevenueHits is automatically registered under your name. For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year. For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year.
The new referral program applies to referral who joined our platform as of May 5th. However, this is a great opportunity for Publishers to earn more than anything because we also don’t know the earning capacity of a blog whom we are referring. For Small Level Publishers it might be slow process but just keep on trying.

Visit Today

referral program


3. Infolinks Referral Program


Today’s scheme is easy to set up and easy to run. It’s another set and forget scheme for bloggers that will bring you in a daily income without you having to do, sell or promote anything.  It’s the true definition of passive income – you can easily earn money with Infolinks doing nothing at all.

What is Infolinks?

If you have ever been to a website and seen some of the words in the text brightly double underlined, then those are Infolinks.  When you hover over one of these links, a small box comes up offering for you to click to search on that keyword.  Infolinks adds the links automatically, and it will be different per page view, and you are simply paid a rate for displaying the links in your text and extra if readers use the search.

Join Today

I personally find those big bold double underlines a bit too ‘in your face’ but actually you can customize the look of your links and the density of your links to get the look you want so it is less intrusive.

What do Infolinks Look Like?

Take a look at my screen print here.  I have mine set to maximum density which is 12 Infolinks per page, and I have a simple single dotted line under the links, with no change in text color.  They can be quite discreet.
Infolinks are also active in this post so throughout the text you should see little dotted lines – these are the info links.  Hover over to see an example of the pop up box which gives you the opportunity to search for those keywords.  Click to go through to a second menu for sites associated with those keywords.  Easy.  Give it a try.
How can I control my Infolinks?

You have a number of easy to use options.

Join Today

4. ShareASale Referral Program

A feature we found only on ShareASale allows affiliates the opportunity to Make-A-Video. This utility allows affiliates to convert previously recorded video into creative multimedia that they will then be able to use on their website. Make-A-Video permits users to add “Cue Points” which will promote relevant product information to their viewers.

ShareASale’s searchable Deals Database is a valuable resource for affiliates to find promotional offers and lucrative commissions. After selecting products and deals affiliates wish to promote, ShareASale builds a database that is then download to a CSV format. The database provides product information including tracking URLs, which link an affiliate to any sale that has been generated.Among the other features that ShareASale provides for their affiliates is their Make A Page feature.



Join Today

5. Bidvertiser Referral Program

Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click advertising network like Google Adsense. You can make money with Bidvertiser by joining their affiliate program. You can refer both advertisers and publishers.

When a user signs as an advertiser and spends $10, you will get $5. When the same advertiser spends $50 more, you will get additional $50. When a user signs as a publisher and earns $10, you will get $10. When the same publisher earns $50 more, you will get additional $40. You will get paid through Paypal as soon as you make $10.

bidvertiser referral program


6. Viglinks Referral Program


Viglinks monetizes blog/site by converting outgoing links into affiliate links. It is very helpful for those who can’t figure out which affiliate products to promote. However, you can make money by promoting VigLink. VigLink referral program offers you to earn 35% of their commission for the first year from your referred user.



7. Skimlinks Referral Program


Skimlinks is an alternative of VigLink. It also has a referral program. Whenever you refer someone to Skimlinks, you will get 35% of the commission Skimlinks earns with that publisher during his/her first year. The commissions will automatically be credited to your account.

8. ClickBank Referral Program

ClickBank is one of the best online marketplaces for digital information products. It has a referral program for referring new product vendors. But it is not available for referring new affiliates.

When a new vendor registers via your referral link, you’ll earn a 22% of commission of the $49.95 activation charge. In addition, you’ll earn 5% of ClickBank’s markup on every sale made by that vendor for a full year.



9. SponsoredReviews Referral Program


SponsoredReviews connects bloggers with advertisers. It helps advertisers to promote their services/products on right blogs and helps bloggers to earn cash. It also offers bloggers to earn more money by joining their affiliate program. You can earn up to $175 per advertiser and $90 per blogger referred.


10. MediaTemple Referral Program

MediaTemple referral program offers you to get free hosting by referring your friends to it. If your friends follow your referral link, they will get 20% off the first month of their plan. After 60 days, you’ll get hosting credit equal to first month of your friend’s new plan.


50 Best Way To Earn Money Online From Home

1. Buy and sell domain names.
Domain Names IconA domain name is basically the address of a website, such as “” or “”. Domain names can be worth a lot of money and there’s a huge market for them which is only ever growing by the day. As an example Facebook recently bought “” for a reported 8.5 million dollars. If you’re lucky you might be able to think of a great domain that nobodies registered yet which would allow you to purchase it much cheaper (you can check availability here), or you could buy & sell existing domains in marketplaces such as Sedo, Godaddy Auctions & Flippa.

My Income Report – through sell and Purchase domain in 2016

2. Get paid to fill in surveys.
Survey IconIf you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands then answering paid surveys online is a great (and rewarding) way to fill it. The surveys are normally fairly short and sweet & you’ll earn money each time you complete one. There are a whole load of different networks such as Global Test Market, Ipsos, Swagbucks & you can sign up to as many as you like.
A. Make money linking to websites.
Imagine if every time you shared a link you could earn money? Well you can with the AdFly link shortening service. Whenever somebody clicks on your link they’re shown a quick advert before they’re taken to the page you linked them to. You can post the links on your Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you usually share them. It’s a really easy way for anybody to make money online.
3. Get paid to share files.
ShareCash, Hoempage Screenshot ,There’s plenty of file hosts that allow you to share your things for free, but they probably don’t pay you each time they are downloaded right? Well ShareCash & CPALead do. All you need to do is upload your files & they’ll pay you anywhere between $1 to $20 each time somebody downloads them.


The catch is that in order for somebody to download it they’ll need to fill in a really quick survey, but if you’re sharing something that they want then getting them to do that shouldn’t be a problem.
4. Get paid when somebody leaves your website.
CPAlead Homepage If you own a website or blog & somebody decides to leave without buying anything then you’re not going to make any money. However thanks to CPALead’s exit traffic tool you can even make money from the people that decide to go elsewhere.
5. Get onto the stock market (the easy way).
eToro Homepage ScreenshotThe stock market can seem daunting to a newcomer and it can be an easy way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. However social investment network sites like eToro make it a lot easier by allowing you to simply follow the financial trading activity of other users (preferably ones that seem to be doing well) & copy them. You can connect with others & discuss investments allowing you to quickly learn all about the stock market & discover which stocks are the ones to buy into.
6. Sell your skills.
Computer SkillsOn website’s like Freelancer there’s thousands of employers looking to outsource work. Whilst there are plenty of jobs for web designers & programmers there’s also a whole load that don’t require any out of the ordinary skills. Providing you can at least read & write or enter data there’s certainly jobs on there you’ll be capable of completing. Browse through jobs, bid on any that tickle your fancy & get paid when you finish them. It really is easy as it sounds!
7. Create a gig on Fiverr.
Fiverr Homepage ScreenshotFiverr is an online marketplace to which you can sign up & offer a service for $5. The service can be anything you like but obviously the less time consuming it is for you the better. It doesn’t take long to come up with an idea since all you need to do is have a quick look through the site & see what others are offering. The website is full of potential buyers browsing through to see what people are offering which means that if your service catches their eye you could begin generating sales almost instantly.
8. Setup an online franchise style business.
Previously setting up an online business has been something that’s required you to have a good knowledge & understanding of computing, but not anymore thanks to the new iPAS2 system which is basically a business in a box. It provides a wealth of training videos, access to private coaching & let’s you create your own franchise style online business. It’s a fantastic system not only for those experienced with online business but also for those who are just starting out and looking to set something profitable up online. Read my own review here.
9. Make money using “Get Paid To” sites.

Making Money Online“Get Paid To” sites like Swagbucks & Qmee will pay you for doing a all sorts of different things such as shopping, searching, playing games, watching videos, answering questions, even clicking & a whole load more. With a long list of offers & prompt payouts sites like these are a great way for anybody to make money just by carrying out simple tasks online.

10. Make money with HubPages.
HubPages HomepageHubPages is a great & fun way for writers & enthusiasts to make money online. Their system is so easy to use that just about anybody can join up & create their very own “Hub”. It’s basically your own page on the web but once it’s published HubPages showcase it to other readers & you can start getting visitors almost instantly, your Hub can even get a chance to be featured on the homepage if it’s really good. You can create as many Hubs as you like & you can earn money from them by enabling advertisements or eBay/Amazon listings to display on the page.
11. No risk matched betting.
Matched Betting IconI’ve always hated gambling simply because I always seem to lose, but then I came across this risk-free (and legal) technique that allows you to turn the tables on the bookmakers and make the most out of their free bets. How does it work? Well basically you’re backing something to win but also backing it draw or lose at the same odds meaning you’re matching your bet and removing the risk of losing. The first time I tried it I managed to make £15 in 30 minutes.
12. Get paid to shop online.
Quidco Homepage ScreenshotBy using cashback websites like TopCashBack or Quidco you can get paid for shopping online. Sites like these work with a whole load of retailers & when you shop with them rather than going to the retailers own website they get paid a commission. Being the generous folks that they are they then give some of that commission back to you in the form of “cashback”.
13. Create your own blog.
BloggingDon’t think that you have to be a tech whiz to get started blogging. With sites like WordPress it’s actually fairly easy & in just a couple of clicks you could have your very own blog set up on the web. Blogging is great because not only is it fun to write about things you enjoy but there’s also quite a bit of money to be made if your blog starts attracting a lot of visitors.
14. Become an affiliate.
Affiliate IconIt’s really easy to get started making money as an affiliate with sites like ShareASale & it can be very rewarding indeed with some companies willing to pay over $100 just for 1 successful purchase. As an affiliate you’ll basically be selling other companies products or services for them & receiving a commission each time you manage to do so. The companies will give you a tracking link & instead of sending people directly to their website via their normal web address you simply send them through your affiliate link instead. That way they can track the sale back to you & credit your account.

5 Best Affiliate marketing to earn money online | Real Ways to Make Money Online

15. Flip websites.
Flippa Homepage“Flipping” websites is were you buy (or build) & sell websites purely to make a profit. With huge free to join marketplaces like Flippa it’s really easy to get into & there’s certainly a lot of money to be made. A lot of the sites can sell for over 5 figures, some of which are often only relatively new. You can buy established sites in an attempt to hold them for a while & hope their value will increase or you can develop websites from scratch in the hope that they’ll interest buyers & sell for a good profit.
17. Become a Microworker.
Microworkers Homepage Screen shot Even if you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare there’s still a way you can earn money & that’s by joining Microworkers. On Microworkers employers post really small jobs that they need completing such as taking a screenshot of their website on your computer or filling in a short sign up form. Tasks pay out around $0.01 to $3 depending on how long they take to complete but each task will tell you how much it pays & how long it’s expected to take beforehand so that you can pick and choose your jobs.
18. Make money from YouTube.
YouTube Homepage Screenshot YouTube‘s a great site to begin earning money from since all you need is a video camera & a bit of imagination. When you upload your videos you can enable adverts & get paid each time somebody watches them. With over a billion people visiting YouTube every single month finding viewers for your videos isn’t all that difficult, and if they’re a hit they could quickly go viral overnight earning you a nice bit of money!

11 Best Ways To Make Money On YouTube

19. Get paid to search.
Qmee Homepage Screenshot Using sites like Qmee you can actually get paid to search on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon & eBay. All you need to do is simply install the Qmee app & search like normal. Qmee will place a few of their own search results alongside your normal ones & if you decide your interested in one of the results Qmee have displayed then you can click on it & collect your reward.
20. Write an eBook.
eBook IconIf you enjoy writing then publishing your own eBook can be a great way to earn money. In 2012 eBooks generated more sales than hardcovers & it’s now estimated that they make up for around a quarter of all book sales. Websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo all have their own self publishing services which means that getting your eBook published isn’t as difficult as you might think, in fact it’s actually fairly easy.
21. Get paid to write product reviews.
DooYoo Homepage ScreenshotA lot of people search the internet for reviews of a product before they buy which means customer opinions are in demand, so much so that there are websites out there that are willing to pay you to hear what you think. Sites like Dooyoo will pay you up to 60 pence for every review you write so if you’ve got something to say about any of the things you’ve bought then this is certainly the place to do it.
22. Sell your photos.
Camera Icon Are you one of those people that just loves to take photos? The kind of person who’s iPhone album is just a never-ending scroll? Well you’ll be glad to hear that you can make money from these photos by selling them to stock image sites like iStock or Fotolia.
23. Sell arts & crafts online.
Etsy Homepage ScreenshotIf you’re passionate about arts & crafts then using sites like Etsy you can turn your hobby into an income. Etsy is a huge online marketplace for handmade & vintage things & it’s a fantastic & fun way to make money for anybody into arts & crafts.. If you take a few minutes to browse through other sellers profile’s & read their feedback count you can see just how much money there is to be made with many sellers boasting over 500 sales.
24. Get paid to write articles.
Writing Icon The internet is full of people looking for writers to produce content for things like websites, adverts & newsletters. If you enjoy writing then it could be just the job for you, especially with sites like Textbroker paying around £5 to £30 per article. You’ll never fall short of jobs either as they’re hundreds posting daily on websites like Freelancer & Elance.
25. Make money from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Social IconsFor many Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are just a place to spy on friends & see what they’re up to. However for some they’ve turned into a full time occupation. That’s because on these networks it’s pretty easy to quickly build up a following, and having a few hundred thousand people (or more) at your fingertips to reach out to anytime you like is pretty powerful. Companies know this, and many are willing to pay people will large followings to promote their products.
26. Entering competitions.


Competition Icon Whilst entering competitions is mainly down to luck & doesn’t provide a guaranteed income you’d be quite surprised at just how many people have given up their day jobs to take “comping” up as a full time occupation. It’s said that there’s around 30,000 competitions running at any time in the UK which means providing you enter enough of them then your chances of coming out with a prize could be fairly high. With some prizes being worth over 50k it only takes one big win to set yourself up for a full year.
27. Earn money via “Cost Per Action”.
CPA lead HomepageThere are websites out there such as CPAlead that will pay you each time you get somebody to complete an action. As an example you can sign up to CPAlead & lock a link, which means that when you share a link with somebody they’d have to complete a quick offer before they were redirected to it, resulting in you getting paid. There’s a whole load of different ways you can earn money via CPA for example if you own a website you can use their widget to require people to complete a quick offer before they can access it. Their payouts are pretty high and there’s an awful lot of people using CPAlead making well over $100 a day.

Find Out10 Best Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads Networks

28. Get paid to rate music.
Slicethepie Homepage Screenshot If you love your music then this one is definitely for you. Slicethepie will pay you to literally listen to songs & review them. They’ve paid out over $1.3 million to their reviewers & anybody can sign up & get started straight away. If the money itself isn’t good enough for you, you’ll be getting tomorrows big hits sent to your inbox every day & could influence what gets played on the radio.
29. Make money as an online project manager.
Freelancer HomepageClick here to read my full guide on this method.
This is a fantastic way to make a lot of money online, yet it’s something just about anybody could do. Sites like Freelancer & Elance provide places for employers to find freelancers and vice versa. However, they also give you the opportunity to become a middle man and take a commission off each project for yourself whilst not actually having to carry out any of the work. (Well, they might not give you this opportunity directly but with my guide you’ll soon see how it’s possible). On each project you manage you can generally add at least $30-$60 for yourself and it’s possible to manage 5 or more a day.
30. Make money recycling old mobile phones.
Phone Recycling Icon If you’ve got any old phones lying around the house that you think nobody would buy then think again. Sites like Mazuma and Envirophone will give you an instant online valuation & if your happy you can sell it to them for some quick cash. The few times I’ve used them I’ve been pretty impressed at the prices they’ve offered me, they weren’t actually much lower than 2nd hand market value.
31. Sell your old CD’s, games & movies.
Music Magpie Homepage ScreenshotYou can get an instant price for your old CD’s, DVD’s, games & electronics on sites like Music Magpie & they can pay the money directly into your bank. It’s an easy way to declutter & make money both at the same time.
32. Make money buying & selling on eBay.
eBay Homepage There’s lot’s of people that have left their jobs because their eBay stores have grown so large & you could easily be the next. The great thing about eBay is that you can watch on other peoples listings and see exactly what’s selling & for how much, then you can take that knowledge out onto the high street & use it to find bargains that you can sell for more on eBay. If you want to take it really seriously you could also consider ordering products in bulk from the wholesaler to get them cheaper & make more profit from your sales.
33. Make money drop shipping.
Drop shipping Icon If you haven’t heard of drop shipping then the concept is fairly straight forward. Rather than buying a whole load of products to sell & risking being stuck with some you simply partner with a drop shipping supplier & list their products for sale instead. Then whenever somebody orders a product you just let your supplier know & they’ll send them it – all you need to pay is the cost of that product. It’s basically owning a shop without the risk of being stuck with leftover inventory and it also allows you to start a business with much lower capital required since you don’t need to purchase any stock outright.
34. Earn money doing research.
Field Agent Homepage Screenshot If you have an iPhone then you can download an app called Field Agent which pays you to carry out little research tasks for companies based on your location. You simply browse the map, check what tasks are available in your area & choose which ones you’d like to complete. Tasks might include checking prices in a store, taking photos of something or writing a little review. It generally pays around £4.50 per task but can pay out up to £10.
35. Take on a “proper” work from home job.
Lionridge Homepage ScreenshotMaybe you don’t fancy working for yourself and would rather work for a company, but from your home. That’s possible thanks to Lionbridge, the website that’s said to advertise around 150 “serious” work from home jobs at any given time. The work required varies from job to job but usually you’ll have the benefit of being able to pick & choose the hours you work. Unfortunately though most jobs listed on the site do require a degree.
36. Get paid to scan shopping receipts.
Receipt Scanning IconSurprisingly it’s true, by using apps like ReceiptHog (US) or Quidco (UK) you can actually earn rewards simply by scanning your shopping receipts. There’s also another site called ShopandScan but that ones invite only so if you apply you’ll have to wait to be selected. It doesn’t get much easier than scanning a barcode, and you can expect to earn around £10 per month.
37. Sell WordPress themes.
WordPress Installation WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms & themes for it are in high demand as people are willing to pay top dollar to make their blog stand out from the crowd. A nice WordPress theme can quite easily sell for over $50 and it’s said that there’s around 100,000 new WordPress websites launching every single day so there’s certainly some money to be made.
38. Get paid to put adverts on your car.
Car With Adverts OnUsing something called “vehicle wrapping” companies can put adverts on your car and remove them without damaging the paintwork. If you’re happy to drive around with a few ads on your car then you’ll be glad to know companies like Money4Space & Comm-motion will pay you to do just that. You can earn over £200 a month however the amount you earn will depend on how many ads your willing to put on your car, the more you put on the more money you’ll earn. They’ll generally be willing to put ads on cars of all shapes and sizes but they’ll most likely require your vehicle to be fairly new and in good condition.
39. Sell leads.
Leadpages Homepage ScreenshotLead generation is a big game & there’s a lot of money to be made. Basically you’re finding people who might be interested in a certain product or service, collecting their details & then selling them on to companies that provide the product/service they’re interested in. It’s not uncommon to see people making over $500-$1,000 a day in the lead generation game & anybody can get started by signing up to sites like LeadPages. LeadPages allows you to quickly create fancy & powerful landing pages to grab the visitors attention & drive them to inputting their details, thus providing you with a lead.
40. Multi Level Marketing
Multi Level Marketing Multi level marketing is a way to earn a serious amount of money of cash online and it’s an opportunity thats open to pretty much everybody regardless of online marketing experience. Websites like Empower Network have paid out millions in commissions and even have their own millionaires club. It’s worth noting that these aren’t pyramid schemes because those are of course illegal. In a pyramid scheme there is no product, but with multi level marketing you basically sell products yet also get a commission on anybody that you refer who also goes on to sell products themselves.
41. Sell audio clips.
AudioJungle Homepage ScreenshotIf you’re a musician or DJ don’t think you’re limited to publishing your work on YouTube. You can put your clips in online marketplaces like AudioJungle & make money every time somebody downloads them. Prices of audio clips start at $1 but many sell for around $18, plus when you put your clip in the marketplace it gets featured on the homepage for a little while bringing instant listeners and potential buyers to your tracks.
42. Make money from donations.
Donation Icon Whenever people think about making money online they always tend to think about selling something but donations can bring in an awful lot of money too and many websites are purely funded from donations alone. All you need to do is provide useful content that helps people and makes them feel like putting their hands in their pocket to say thanks.
43. Rent out your signature in online forums.
Forum Icon If you frequent on a lot of forums then there are people that will actually pay to have their banner or link to their website featured in your signature, especially if you’re a member that’s looked up to. Just change your signature to something like “Rent this signature $x per month, message me for details” and see what happens.
44. Sell digital products.
ClickBank Logo Clickbank is the biggest & most popular affiliate marketing network for digital products on the internet and since launching they have paid out over $2.3 billion dollars to their affiliates. With whopping commissions of up to 70% and hundreds of thousands of products in all different kinds of niches it’s really easy to begin making money. There’s software, eBooks, all things digital & all you need to do is link people over to the product’s sales pages and if they decide to make a purchase then you’ll get the commission – easy.
45. Become a web hosting reseller.
Reseller Hosting IconThe internet is growing everyday and more and more people are looking to buy web hosting in order to setup their own websites. Starting your own web hosting company would be expensive and complicated, but thankfully there’s a much simpler solution. Reseller web hosting is a relatively low risk alternative with minimal start up costs. You’re basically buying a web hosting companies services wholesale and selling them on to customers for a profit. With sites like Heart Internet you can sell cloud hosting & offer unlimited websites for just £29.99 a month & get your first 3 months free if you pay annually.
46. Invest in websites.
Invest IconIf you browse website marketplaces such as Flippa you’ll find a lot of sites for sale, but you’ll also find some webmasters who are just looking to sell a percentage of their website to raise funds so that they can improve it and grow. It doesn’t come without risks, but the sellers provide historical traffic & revenue information so you can generally make well informed decisions as to which websites look like they’re going to be a good investment. If you manage to get a few good earning sites under your belt it can be a really nice income, especially as a silent partner.
47. Sell your videos.
VideoHive Homepage ScreenshotYouTube isn’t the only place where you can make money from videos, instead you could upload them into the VideoHive marketplace and offer them for sale. There’s tonnes of people looking for video clips online to use in their own project & yours could be just the one they’re after. Pricing of clips starts at around $2 but many sell for over $30.

48. Guest posts.
Pen And Paper Icon If you own your own blog then you might think you’re limited to making money through affiliate programmed or advertisements but that’s not true. If your blogs popular then there will be plenty of other bloggers queuing in line to have their guest post published on it and the majority will be willing to pay. They’ll most likely want a link back to their own blog or website from somewhere within the post, but I’m sure you can allow that for the right amount of money.

49. Get paid to answer questions.
Text Message IconIf you’re good with general knowledge or can quickly find an answer online then you could earn up to £10 an hour answering questions. That’s because companies like AQA (Any Question Answered) and Mauren 118212 offer services that allow people to ask them a question via text message. Receiving over 20,000 questions a day these companies are constantly looking for more researchers to join their team in order to keep up with the demand.

50. Make money sharing free software.
Installing Software Icon You can make money literally by giving away free software. Sites such as PerInstallCash will give you free software to share and pay you up to $2 every time somebody installs it, that’s because the software packages come with a few of the network advertisers offers bundled in with them.

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Google Adsense is one of the finest and leading monetizing networks to generate money from your blog. If your blog has good traffic, then you can earn a good income by using Google Adsense high paying keywords into your blog posts. Google Adsense was founded in 2003 and rapidly become a most popular and preferred monetizing network over any other. Its ad serving algorithm works on the mechanism of keywords density which are used/exist in your posts.

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100 of the Highest CPC Word


Keyword                                                            Monthly Searches Average        Cost per Click


car insurance quotes 110,000 $70.03
auto insurance 110,000 $69.41
crm 110,000 $58.22
insurance 110,000 $36.08
ira 110,000 $34.97
scholar 673,000 $34.90
roth ira 110,000 $33.56
google finance 823,000 $25.67
doe email 135,000 $21.36
solar eclipse 110,000 $20.83
call home 201,000 $20.52
college 135,000 $18.69
speed of light 110,000 $18.54
howard university 110,000 $18.29
student loans 201,000 $18.08
where 135,000 $18.03
citrix 110,000 $17.64
psychology 165,000 $17.28
cloud 110,000 $16.62
heat 246,000 $16.50
university of chicago 135,000 $16.44
cocaine 135,000 $16.42
voice 550,000 $16.37
V.I.S.A. 110,000 $16.26
corbin bleu 110,000 $15.82
health insurance 246,000 $15.68
locksmith 165,000 $15.54
secu 450,000 $15.35
salesforce login 201,000 $15.11
university of pennsylvania 110,000 $14.99
bachelor 201,000 $14.70
the general 135,000 $14.44
business cards 301,000 $14.43
masters 110,000 $14.42
mobile 110,000 $14.41
payday loans 246,000 $14.39
payday loans online 110,000 $13.90
xarelto 110,000 $13.89
medicare 368,000 $13.48
american university 110,000 $13.31
livemixtapes mobile 110,000 $13.30
bankruptcy 110,000 $13.22
mucus plug 110,000 $12.93
a.a.r.p 450,000 $12.78
hdfc netbanking 135,000 $12.78
personal loans 135,000 $12.70
pele 135,000 $12.46
storage units 135,000 $12.11
lords of pain 110,000 $11.97
solar system 165,000 $11.46
free credit score 201,000 $11.42
towson university 110,000 $11.12
free credit report 823,000 $10.61
toyota camry 110,000 $10.61
chrysler 200 135,000 $10.55
fb stock 368,000 $10.34
contacts 135,000 $10.23
what does 110,000 $10.20
credit cards 201,000 $9.96
google webmaster tools 110,000 $9.87
401k 301,000 $9.80
ford escape 201,000 $9.77
honda crv 201,000 $9.51
intranet 110,000 $9.47
jeep cherokee 201,000 $9.39
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a walk among the tombstones 201,000 $9.22
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cms 165,000 $9.05
cms 165,000 $9.05
mercer university 110,000 $8.91
jimmy graham 135,000 $8.76
yahoo search 135,000 $8.71
mastering biology 110,000 $8.56
s&p 500 165,000 $8.54
codecademy 110,000 $8.54
jeep grand cherokee 201,000 $8.22
apple trailers 165,000 $8.18
blackboard learn 110,000 $7.93
loans 135,000 $7.86
photography 110,000 $7.86
ford explorer 165,000 $7.82
mytmobile 450,000 $7.75
yahoo finance 2,740,000 $7.70
bandcamp 110,000 $7.63
factoring calculator 110,000 $7.47
nissan altima 135,000 $7.31
chrysler 300 110,000 $7.28
google voice 1,830,000 $7.25
fantasy football 550,000 $7.22
ford dealership 110,000 $7.22
toyota rav4 110,000 $7.18
simvastatin 135,000 $7.17
dragon 201,000 $7.09
stocks 165,000 $7.06
msp 450,000 $7.05
honda pilot 135,000 $7.01
google trends 135,000 $6.92
godaddy email login 301,000 $6.85
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ford focus 135,000 $6.49
medical 110,000 $6.26
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toyota highlander 201,000 $6.17
brown university 165,000 $6.15
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fidelity 401k 246,000 $5.95
toyota corolla 110,000 $5.95
adn 135,000 $5.91
erie insurance 110,000 $5.89
honda fit 110,000 $5.84
dental insurance 135,000 $5.80
chrysler 246,000 $5.78
honda accord 246,000 $5.77
honda civic 201,000 $5.70
google.con 368,000 $5.64
ford f150 110,000 $5.63
nissan rogue 201,000 $5.62
buick enclave 110,000 $5.55
gmat 110,000 $5.52
mazda 6 110,000 $5.42
social security disability 135,000 $5.33
mazda 3 165,000 $5.31
tumbler 165,000 $5.09
facebook mobile 2,740,000 $5.02
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bmw usa 301,000 $4.37
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edm 110,000 $4.19
bmw 823,000 $4.07
surrender at 20 165,000 $4.07
toyota tacoma 165,000 $4.06
saleforce 368,000 $4.01
gmc terrain 110,000 $4.01
att uverse 1,000,000 $3.99
life quotes 301,000 $3.99
andrew lincoln 165,000 $3.98
at&t internet 165,000 $3.96
wells fargo dealer services 450,000 $3.87
netzero message center 110,000 $3.86
dermatologist 165,000 $3.82
tablets 246,000 $3.81
laptops 246,000 $3.80
toyota financial 368,000 $3.75
psychology today 165,000 $3.70
j.p. morgan 135,000 $3.70
discount tires 165,000 $3.68
discount tires 165,000 $3.68
xfinity internet 110,000 $3.67
nissan leaf 110,000 $3.61
psychiatrist 135,000 $3.60
schizophrenia 368,000 $3.58
jeep 673,000 $3.54
social security office 135,000 $3.53
food near me 301,000 $3.50
charter internet 201,000 $3.49
auto loan calculator 368,000 $3.48
harvard university executive education 135,000 $3.40
black friday deals 135,000 $3.37
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ohio university 110,000 $3.32
walmart black friday 135,000 $3.30
translate google 368,000 $3.25
microsoft surface pro 3 110,000 $3.22
watches 135,000 $3.21
speedtest 823,000 $3.18
googlr 550,000 $3.17
bipolar disorder 246,000 $3.17
nissan juke 110,000 $3.09
kitchen cabinets 165,000 $3.08
bathroom vanities 135,000 $3.05
patio furniture 165,000 $3.03
las vegas hotels 201,000 $3.00
wifi 135,000 $2.93
sap 135,000 $2.93
boston college 135,000 $2.91
credit cards for bad credit 110,000 $2.91
all inclusive resorts 135,000 $2.89
pill finder 368,000 $2.88
myrtle beach hotels 110,000 $2.87
blog 110,000 $2.86
dodge 450,000 $2.85
mazda 450,000 $2.80
book of mormon 135,000 $2.75
at&t customer service 301,000 $2.74
ptsd 135,000 $2.68
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ibm 165,000 $2.67
financial aid 135,000 $2.62
microsoft surface 165,000 $2.60
tesla 823,000 $2.58
lyft 201,000 $2.57
oracle 165,000 $2.55
mexican food 110,000 $2.52
toyota 1,500,000 $2.51
inspirational quotes for recovering addicts 823,000 $2.50
microsoft office 673,000 $2.49
honda 1,000,000 $2.45
irs forms 246,000 $2.45
laptop deals 135,000 $2.43
ford mustang 110,000 $2.42
depression 301,000 $2.38
club penguin 1,500,000 $2.37
wood tv 8 201,000 $2.37
computer 135,000 $2.37
charter communications 246,000 $2.34
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ipad 673,000 $2.26
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cheap flights 2,240,000 $2.13
kiss anime 240,000 $2.13
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bmw motorcycles 110,000 $2.09
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motivational quotes 368,000 $2.04
travel 135,000 $2.02
samsung galaxy 135,000 $1.99
jimmy carter 110,000 $1.93
pill identifier 1,500,000 $1.92
sports 301,000 $1.91
congestive heart failure 135,000 $1.91
silver 110,000 $1.90
availity 110,000 $1.87
cadillac 450,000 $1.84
chrissy teigen 301,000 $1.83
walmart credit card 550,000 $1.75
car loan calculator 246,000 $1.74
dow futures 110,000 $1.73
warped tour 201,000 $1.72
microsoft 1,000,000 $1.69
apple tv 550,000 $1.69
quotes about life 368,000 $1.69
ford 1,220,000 $1.65
gold 201,000 $1.65
mercedes 550,000 $1.60
microsoft 365 301,000 $1.55
quotes 1,220,000 $1.50
bible 301,000 $1.47
xbox one 1,220,000 $1.44
e3 135,000 $1.42
shopping 135,000 $1.40
honda financial 246,000 $1.35
social security 1,500,000 $1.31
free 368,000 $1.27
cheap tickets 1,000,000 $1.23
funny quotes 450,000 $1.21
external hard drive 110,000 $1.19
nfl standings 1,220,000 $1.12
ebay motors 2,240,000 $1.11
dow jones 1,000,000 $1.05
loan calculator 450,000 $1.01
jobs 450,000 $1.00
twitter 13,600,000 $0.91
verizon 4,090,000 $0.81
comcast email 368,000 $0.55
ebay 45,500,000 $0.44


Top 4 Cost Per Action ( CPA ) Ad Networks 2017

CPA advertisements are another way of making money with your website or blog. Most of the Websites are today depended on Google AdSense but having another source of revenue can help you earn more.

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There are different types of advertisement program like Pay Per Click, Cost per sale, Cost Per Action, etc. Google AdSense pay you when someone clicks on Ads. CPA program pays you when some action is done like filling a form etc. but to earn with CPA ad nothing need to be done.


WhiteMobi is a mobile performance marketing network specialized in providing content monetization tools for publishers, content owners and app developers. WhiteMobi helps publishers to monetize their mobile traffic with global monetization solutions: Content Locker, AppWall, and Smart Link. They use their in-house proprietary tracking platform.

WhiteMobi has a huge variety of iOS and Android CPI offers from around the globe for both incentive and non-incentive traffic. In addition, WhiteMobi provides mobile responsive PIN submit offers, e-mail submits, sweepstakes offers and more. Hundreds of offers under them and they can be a huge money maker for your mobile website/app. The minimum payout is $50 and they pay via PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.
Commission Type CPI, CPA, CPL
Minimum Payout  – $50
Payment Method- PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney
Ad Serving – International

ADWOOL is a global mobile performance network that connects advertisers and app developers with trusted traffic sources. They help app owners/developers to engage targeted audience for the apps and achieve marketing goals on CPI/CPA models. They will turn your users into loyal customers.

For publishers Adwool offers the most flexible and effective conditions to monetize traffic. They help you to find proper solutions for each type of traffic and to convert it to high revenue. At ADWOOL you will find 3500 live offers of diversified categories and worldwide targeting. The support team is always online to assist you with questions you have in campaigns promotion. They pay publishers on Net 30 and Net 15 with minimum payment threshold of $100. The payouts are through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.

Commission Type – CPI, CPA, CPL
Minimum Payout – $100
Payment Method – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
Ad Serving  – International


MOBIDEA is a Programmatic Network for Affiliate Marketers. They specialize in mobile subscriptions, pin submits, sweepstakes and app install offers. Mobidea convert your mobile traffic like no other CPA network, giving you the possibility to either send it to highly profitable offers or to auto-optimize it by using Smartlink.

Mobidea is big and have more than 30,000+ Affiliates working under them and sharing a flat revenue share of 80% which is really an awesome deal. With more than 2,000 running offers dedicated on mobile traffic, you would have no problem in selecting a campaign which best suits for your website. The support is quick and the conversions are great. You get your payment on request via all the major payment methods.

Commission Type – CPA, CPI
Minimum Payout – € 100
Payment Method –  Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal, Payza, Bank/Wire
Ad Serving  – International

ExpertMobi is an international affiliate network focused on the mobile traffic, subscriptions, Android and IOS installs. The team at ExpertMobi has been successfully running various campaigns in online marketing for more than 10 years. They have an extensive working experience in mobile advertising. ExpertMobi has high paying cpa offers for various Geos. The quality of offers is good. ExpertMobi currently have 500+ offers. As an ExpertMobi customer, you get high-quality support. Although their payment term is Net 30, but they also provide flexible payment terms for publishers who have high traffic. From time to time, they also provide gifts and bonuses to the publishers.

You get paid via PayPal and Wire Transfer, but they do have other options if you are having any issues with these modes of payments. ExpertMobi’s minimum payout is $100. You get to see real time stats on your dashboard with various working tools.

Commission Type – CPA
Minimum Payout – $100
Payment Method  – PayPal, Bank Transfer
Ad Serving  – International
Skype supportexpertmobi,
Contact Email


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Top 4 Best Pay Per Click (PPC ) Networks 2017

Pay Per Click or PPC advertisements are another way of making money with your website or blog. Most of the Websites are today depended on Google AdSense but having another source of revenue can help you earn more.

Top 4 Cost Per Action ( CPA ) Ad Networks  2017

Top 4 Best CPM Ad Networks For Your Website 2017

There are different types of advertisement program like Pay Per Click, Cost per sale, Cost Per Action, etc. Google AdSense pay you when someone clicks on Ads. CPA program pays you when some action is done like filling a form etc. but to earn with PPC ad nothing need to be done.

1. Core Popads

CORE PopAds is an new pop type ad exchange network. They are working with more than 200+ DSP partners , E/I Advertisers. The platform by Core PopAds is easy to use for everyone ( they are using ADM Server ) . They offer standard types of pop ads with frequency caps 1/24 , 1/12 , 1/8 and 1/1. All websites are pre-approved for quick start with monetizing . They also offer great cpm bids offered from our many DSP partners. The payouts are quick as they send out publishers payments strict on time on NET 5 basis (on 5th day in new calendar month ) with minimum balance only 10.00 EUR.
Minimum Payout     10 Euro
Payment Method    PayPal, Skrill
Ad Serving    International


QupAds is a self serve advertising platform which connects lots of advertisers and publishers worldwide. QupAds claims to have more than 7500 publishers and 2300 active campaigns at the moment. The ad formats include Display Ads, Notification Bar, Mobile Ads, Text Ads and Popunders. They pay publishers on CPM and CPC basis. You get paid on Net 30 basis if you have reached the minimum threshold of $100. The support is quite fast and they usually reply within 3 hours. The statistics are in real time.
Minimum Payout     $100
Payment Method    PayPal, Payoneer, Payza
Ad Serving    International



AdKode was established by a group of advertising and marketing executives. They work with thousands of interest-based websites and markets a best-in-class ad management platforms to deliver results to advertisers and webmasters alike. They claim to have more than 3000 publishers currently using them. The platform is easy to use combined with a lots of features. You can monetize your website using their banner, pop up, popunder and direct link ad format.

Publishing Features:

– A wide variety of web and mobile formats to monetize all your inventory.
– Get detailed statistics on your placement in real-time.
– Monetize traffic from every country with a 100% fill-rate.
– Every single campaign goes through manual and automatic tests before going live on your site.
– You will have dedicated account manager who will help you instant via Skype/Email.

AdMachine is an online advertising platform which works as an ad exchange as well as ad network. Regarding the ad exchange, with AdMachine, you can build your own customized network with their white label solution. AdMachine is a 100% SaaS product which means you need just a domain to start, since everything is hosted in a cloud.

At AdMachine platform, advertisers can buy traffic from any sources across AdMachine based publisher networks. Currently two traffic types are available:
– audience traffic (primarily used for Alexa, SEO, banner arbitrage),
– pops traffic (intended for getting conversions).

Using their white label model, you can set up:
– advertiser platform, meaning that you can gain profit from advertisers spend after they sign up,
– publisher platform, allowing to register publishers and set publisher commissions,
– advertiser and publisher network, where you can make money from selling traffic to advertisers and setting a commission on publishers revenues.
Minimum Payout  –  $10
Payment Frequency –   Bi-Weekly
Payment Method  –  PayPal, Wire Transfer
Ad Serving  –  International


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