Top 10 Moz Pro Alternative for SEO Needs In 2018

When you are working on SEO for your own business or for a client’s website, you will need some great SEO tools. If you have the budget, you can certainly pay for the best SEO tools the Internet has to offer, Here you can find top SEO tools alternative.


Here top SEO tools alternative of Moz Pro


MOZ Pro  alternative                       PRICE                                 URL       

MOZ Pro                                                                                 99 $                                                   Visit Today

1.Long trail Pro                                                                  29 $                                                  Visit Today

 2.SEMRush                                                                        99 $                                                  Visit Today

 3.SpyFu                                                                               37 $                                                  Visit Today 

4. SE Ranking                                                                     39 $                                                   Visit Today

5. BrightLocal                                                                    49 $                                                   Visit Today

6.  Serpstat                                                                           19 $                                                  Visit Today

7.  SEO Powersuite                                                          696 $                                                  Visit Today

8. HitTail                                                                             37 $                                                  Visit Today

9. iSpionage                                                                         29 $                                                  Visit Today

10.ahrefs                                                                               99 $                                                  Visit Today

Here Find Top 10 Entry


1.Long Tail Pro


Top 10 Long Tail Pro Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2021


Barely any online discussion around keyword research tools is free from mention of Long Tail Pro. It seems not long ago that I remember Long Tail Pro (LTP for short) as being just another obscure piece of 2nd tier SEO software – the sort of thing that wannabe Internet marketing gurus would peddle to their lists that they built up from scummy solo ads.

Positive side:

  • Long Tail Pro provides exact search volume data, as well as our industry-leading Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric. You can search for specific keywords, or get hundreds of keyword suggestions at a time.
  • Use Long Tail Pro the Google AdWords Suggestions to find hundreds of new related keywords in minutes, for any country or language.
  • With Long Tail ProView your domain statistics and pick the best keywords for your site. Use Target KC to find out which keywords are easy, which ones will take extra effort, and which ones to avoid.
  • The key reason why Long Tail Pro is my choice of keyword research tool is that it is simple to use.

Negative side:

  • Their stubbornness can stem from many reasons – including the two mentioned above.




Top 10 SEMrush Alternative for all SEO Needs In 2021


SEMrush is a top paid tool for doing keyword research and competitor analysis. If you are blogging for a while, you already know the importance of driving more traffic from search engines to your websites.

Positive side:

  • Complete keyword research tool that offers access to keywords of your competitors.
  • SEMrush to keep track of your keyword rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments


Negative side:

  • It has free trial version but after that you need to pay for the premium plan.




Top 10 SpyFu Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2018


SpyFu is one of the more feature rich tools, offering SEO and PPC spy tool options along with their own keyword research tool and Adwords software.

Positive side:

  • SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.
  • Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 6 years.
  • When you get a SpyFu membership, you can crack the codes of thousands of online companies that hold the time-tested secrets of making money.
  • Fast-track a PPC campaign using the very keywords and landing pages that make money, and steer clear of the dead ends so you don’t waste a dime.


Negative side:

  • SpyFu result is only for united states


4. SE Ranking


SE Ranking is a dynamically growing company that develops the best-of-breed SEO software that offers all standard SEO tools along with special features that could not be found on any other SEO platform


Positive side:

  • Multiple search engines easily and can quickly see how keywords are doing thanks to the handy graphs.
  • The holistic dashboards that provide exactly what I need to know in a user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use interface and and ever increasing functionality.
  • They are able to see the most important aspects of the campaign, like Rankings, Backlinks, Site Audit, Traffic, Competitors, from one dashboard.

Negative side:

  • Hopefully when all the functionality is complete for the new competition research tool, it will be possible to store results and analyse data within the application.


5. BrightLocal


BrightLocal is a SaaS (Software as a Service ) company based in Lewes, UK that provides local SEO and local citation building services for local businesses, SEO agencies and SEO consultants. Its services include tracking search rankings, Google My Business Audits, White-Label reporting and online review management.

Positive side:

  • Clean layout although SEO stuff is dated
  • Smoth format and concept of the entire process
  • With Bright Local, you can identify which listings your business already has and go for the listings you don’t have
  • The price is also standardized. The cost is the same per listings. No variations in pricing.

Negative side:

  • That should have been a red flag, but when she offered me a few free credits to explore the CitationBurst campaign, I pressed forward.


6. Serpstat


Serpstat is all about saving time, and we want to save yours! One of our specialists will contact you and discuss options going forward. These may include a personal demonstration, a trial period, comprehensive training articles & webinar recordings, and custom adivce from a Serpstat specialist. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable while using Serpstat.

Positive side:

  • Perfect utility for SEO beginners. Keyword Research and Backlink Analysis is the best part I liked about it.
  • It is so easy to use that it sometimes seems fun to be working it.
  • Keywords tracker, you can check out your competitor’s keywords
  • Rank Tracker, track your website postiotions with keywords you needed
  • Showing list of competitor’s to your project and also show similar your and competitor keywords
  • You can check out frequency of needed keywords and do clusterization of semantics core

Negative side:

  • It’s not the most accurate or helpful in certain areas such as keyword difficulty and authority ranking of competitor websites.


7.SEO Powersuite


Top 10 SEO PowerSuite Alternative for SEO Needs In 2021


SEO PowerSuite is a compilation of Link Assistant’s best SEO software products: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO Spyglass and LinkAssistant. This suite combines the best SEO tools into one easy-to-access program that can jump-start or overhaul your complete SEO program. This SEO software has tools for managing the most important components of your SEO program. It features resources for optimizing keywords, building links and analyzing your competition.


Positive side:

  • Easy to understand programs that allow anyone, from amateur to seasoned webmaster, the ability to perform a wide variety of search engine optimization tasks.
  • A reliable SEO tool that has been used by thousands of businesses, ranging from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Free updates to your package, ensuring you’re always using the most up to date SEO marketing techniques.
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of interfaces, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Negative side:

  • The program’s keyword-suggestion tool gathers data from various keyword research tools, including Google Trends and AdWords
  • It provides an unlimited number of keywords and keyword phrases that perfectly match the needs of your website to raise the visibility of your business and website to consumers.


8. iSpionage 


As someone who looks at thousands of landing pages each month, iSpionage has become my most treasured resource for landing page discovery. As a competitive intelligence tool it’s a great way to keep abreast of what others are doing


Positive side:

  • Very Solid PPC / Competitive Research & Planning Tool
  • Excellent. Allows us to identify industry specific keywords, both mainstream and long-tail, and customize performance campaigns around that
  • iSpionage is easy-to-use and provides accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence information

Negative side:

  • Sometimes there is missing data and missing competitors
  • It’s a service that takes data readily available through other mediums and re-purposes iT.


9. Ahrefs

Top 10 Ahrefs Alternative for SEO Needs In 2018


Ahrefs is the newest entry into the link research tool space. They use their own bot and their own index (which they state is based on information from a trillion website connections).

They claim their index is updated every 30 minutes and the fresh data is available to their users within 30 minutes of the actual index refresh.

Ahrefs also has a ranking database of roughly 45 million keywords from 9 different countries (US GB FR RU DE ES IT AU BR). The tools within their membership are:

  • Site Explorer
  • SERPs Analysis
  • Reports
  • Labs/Tools

Positive side:

  • Backlinks and keywords for every niche
  • The dashboard is an easy way to get an overall picture of our ranking, backlinks, and organic traffic.
  • This tool helps you identify top performing content of your competitors.
  • This module alone can make a tremendous difference in the way you do blogging and competitor research.

Negative side:

  • inaccurate keyword volume sometimes