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As YouTube continues to grow in popularity as a source of video content, the site is looking for new and innovative ways to monetize its content. A recent study has found that by 2022, YouTube will be paying out $5 per 1,000 views for videos with at least 10,000 views. This means that if you have a video with fewer than 10,000 views, you probably won’t be receiving any payments from YouTube. Here also read about top 20 free youtube downloader


I have Earned 5297 $ in 2021.

How much does Youtube pay per view ?


YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is a site where people can watch videos and upload their own videos. YouTube has become very popular in recent years and it is estimated that YouTube will be worth $1 trillion by 2022.

YouTube pays people for their views on videos. The amount that YouTube pays for a view varies depending on the type of view. For example, YouTube pays more for a view that is longer than 10 seconds. YouTube also pays more for views from users who are subscribed to the channel of the person who views the video.

It is important to understand how much money YouTube is paying for your views so you can maximise your chances of getting paid. If you have a video that you would like to increase the number of views, make sure you include keywords in your title and description so people can find your video. You can also use social media to promote your video.

How much money a creator will earn from one YouTube pay video varies, but some factors will help boost revenue.



Creators come to be eligible to earn cash via way of means of setting advertisements inside inheritor films via YouTube’s Partner Program.

These advertisements are filtered via way of means of Google and creators receive a commission a selected quantity supported elements from of a video’s watch time, length, and viewer demographic.



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What is CPM


To examine the performance of an advert campaign, YouTube makes use of stats and formulae. CPM can be a keystone of measurements and a basis for additional exams and conclusions. ‘

CPM method is an sum of money you will get for the merchandising that became located in this internet site inside your video.

Let’s see the deeper essence of this concept and take a look at out to shed mild on a few discrepancies in its costs.




What is CPM?


While YouTube CPC method the number of coins which you sincerely get for every click on on a selected advert, CPM is an abbreviation for Cost in line with Mille, where “mille” stands for thousand perspectives. Thus, you are paid each time whilst your advert reaches this mark.

The extra perspectives the advert gets, the more money you earn. That’s why this metric is important in your YouTube channel monetization. However, it’s now no longer that simple: you won’t get hold of a hundred% of the promised revenue.

YouTube takes a lion’s percentage of 32%, so as which you get only 68$ out of 100$, for instance. Youtube paintings with 32%(YouTube) and 68 % (Creator ).

Keep in thoughts that the platform will mark a view so long as a marketing and marketing video has been watched for prolonged than 30 seconds.
The perspectives which are made from cell devices are also meaningless. Besides, you will use YouTube’s unique calculator to are expecting your capacity earnings and notice the critical picture.





CPM can be a numerical definition to mirror the earnings which you sincerely percentage with YouTube. This involves any other parameter – RPM (Revenue in line with Mille) that’s hired to calculate your earnings thinking about the platform’s retention.

So, the amount of CPM is in direct share to RPM. Both metrics are critical to evaluate your destiny profit. However, CPM is of exquisite that means for advertisers and RMP is important for creators.

YouTube is not getting to tell you approximately your viable RPM value, however you possibly can deal with this independently. Open “Settings” on your AdSense account to see “Payments.” take a look at out the numbers for the remaining month.

Enter YouTube Analytics to envision the quantity of perspectives on the Monetized Playbacks (don’t take a look at out the formal quantity of perspectives due to the fact you need to don’t forget that now no longer they all are monetized).


Use the subsequent formula to form



Monthly income / Number of monetized views X 1,000.

For example, you earned $100 for the last month and managed to urge 50,000 of views. So, 100/50,000 x 1,000 = $2. meaning you’ve got $2 for each 1,000 views.

How to determine CPM for your channel


It’s a task to calculate CPM YouTube advert costs because of its instability. The cost bounces up and down all of the time at some point of the year. Mostly, the following elements decide the cost:


  • Audience type
  • Inventory
  • Niche
  • Content
  • Country

Consecutively, the CPM price relies upon many elements, however, it is nevertheless viable to calculate the well worth. The system has similarities to the RPM calculation model, however, we use the number of individuals (audience) instead of the quantity of monetized perspectives.

The result is well worth every thousand impressions that an advertiser gets.




Most popular niches for YouTube channels.


  • Personal Vlogging
  • Gaming
  • Cooking and Recipes
  • Product Reviews
  • Health and Fitness Tips
  • Travelling
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • Restaurant and Food Reviews

For example, an investment of $5,000 into an ad campaign entailed 4,700,000 views. Thus, CPM is adequate to ($5,000/4,700,000)x1000 = $1.06, which is that the amount of cash an advertiser should buy thousand of views. for instance, the YouTube average CPM is $1.


YouTube CPM Cost


If you’re a YouTube creator that specializes in English content, you would possibly want to understand which are the very best English-speaking countries with the highest CPM:

Australia: CPM @ USD6.15
New Zealand: CPM @ USD5.63
United States: CPM @ USD5.33
Canada: CPM @ USD4.64
United Kingdom: CPM @ USD4.59

 The list to top 4 Asian countries with the highest CPM:

United Arab Emirates: CPM @ USD4.72
Japan: CPM @ USD4.60
South Korea: CPM @ USD3.21
Saudi Arabia: CPM @ USD3.09

How about drilling in further to just Southeast Asian countries?

Myanmar: CPM @ USD2.90
Brunei: CPM @ USD2.59
Cambodia: CPM @ USD2.40
Singapore: CPM @ USD2.08
Thailand: CPM @ USD1.94
Vietnam: CPM @ USD1.57
Philippines: CPM @ USD1.49
Indonesia: CPM @ USD1.33
Malaysia: CPM @ USD1.31


How to get more views on your YouTube video in 2022


In 2022, YouTube will start rewarding videos with more views. This means that you will be able to earn more money from your videos if they receive a lot of views.

To increase the chances of getting more views, you should optimize your video for search engines and social media platforms. You can also create blog posts and social media posts about your video, which will help to promote it.

You can also use paid advertising to increase the number of views on your video. Paid ads will cost you money, but they can be very effective in promoting your video.

If you want to get the most out of your video marketing efforts, you should hire a marketing consultant. A consultant will help you create a marketing plan and execute it successfully.


Tips for creating a successful YouTube video in 2022


In order to create a successful YouTube video in 2022, you’ll need to understand the different ways that YouTube pays for views.

There are three main ways that YouTube pays for views: displaying ads before or after videos; paid channels; and subscription channels.





I have earned 55.98 $ in 3 days and managed to urge 1,75,000 of views. So, 55.98/1,75,000 x 1,000 = $.32 meaning you’ve got $.31 for each 1,000 views and Earn 3.2$ on 10,000 View.
There has lots of differences between CPM and playback-based CPM.




I have earned 1276 $ in Dec’21 and my CPM is 1.05$. Hence as per my video earning estimation we can analyze how much does it pay for 10,000 views in 2021.




If you want to increase view and subscriber then you have to use Tubebuddy SEO tool- Free to Install .


Country CPM Earning On 10,000
India (On My View) $ .39 3.90 $
Australia  $6.15 61$
New Zealand  $5.63 56$
United States  $5.33 53$
Canada  $4.64 46$
United Kingdom  $4.59 45$
United Arab Emirates  $4.72 47$
Japan  $4.60 46$
South Korea  $3.21 32$
Saudi Arabia  $3.09 30$
Myanmar  $2.90 29$
Brunei  $2.59 25$
Cambodia  $2.40 24$
Singapore  $2.08 20$
Thailand  $1.94 19$
Vietnam  $1.57 15$
Philippines  $1.49 15$
Indonesia  $1.33 13$
Malaysia  $1.31 13$

According to recent reports, YouTube will pay out $2.00 per 1,000 views in 2022. This means that if you have a video with 10,000 views and it is monetized ( ie., has ads on it), YouTube will pay you an estimated $20.00 for those 10,000 views. Keep this number in mind when creating your next video – it might be worth spending a bit more time editing the footage so that it has higher view counts in order to receive a larger payout from YouTube.

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